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Thread: "sacred moment" direct download works back!! At last!!

  1. Default "sacred moment" direct download works back!! At last!!

    For those who had problems to download my session "sacred moment", the link is back online!!
    Also "skytrip" is working again!
    Sorry for the trouble, but iam not so good with soundcloud :-) The downloads are limited and that was the reason the link wasn't working.

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    Default Re: "sacred moment" direct download works back!! At last!!

    Thank you!

    Very nice music and visuals! Really enjoyed it. Although for me there was too much reverb on the vocals and synth in "Sacred Moment", but this is my personal opinion as fellow musician.

    I am very new to this technology and interested in my own content creation. Could you let me know what software are you using to mix the Spectrastrobe into your music. I know there are many different choices: Mu Lab Plug-in, Audacity, MWS? Which one of the programs are you using. The light sequencing is very beautiful!

    I hope I have not offended you with my critique as for the music part.

    Thank you once again. Seva.

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    Hi Seva,

    Thanks for the reply! Nice to read that you enjoy "sacred moment".

    I use MWS, because of the deep, accurate and subtle editing possibility. The downside with this kind of software is that you have to edit every point manually, but to get great control, you have to invest in time.
    Its like compose music. The more you have figured out what you can do and think about a good balance between entrainment and entertainment, the more it wil work, I think.

    About the reverb: yes, there is a lot of reverb on it :-) The reason for this is to make the voices blend more (capture 6 in one take and then a lot of overdubs) and make the overall sound over the top smooth.
    But I know what you mean. There are no synths in this session, only voices and reverb. Iam certainly not offended. Thanks for your honest opinion!!

    What instrument do you play? My main instrument is guitar and play some others. Did you tried my session "skytrip"? Thats a different kind of session and was my first session I made for the kasina. Meanwhile
    I have made about 14 sessions with my own music.



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    Default Re: "sacred moment" direct download works back!! At last!!

    Hi Dominique,

    Thank you for the quick reply. Yes I did listen to "Skytrip" it is very nice musically and powerful visually! I really enjoyed it, thank you! As for the "Sacred Moment", wow no synth?! But that is where too much reverb create synth like artefacts which could be a good thing.

    What version of MWS do you use: standard, pro or enterprise? I think manual control of light programming is a good thing, maybe somewhat laborious but at the end is very rewarding. I was wondering if you could program each musical part with it's own colour variation? Does MWS have that ability. Or is it limited by hardware of Kasina's frames?(the amount of physical LEDs) And, probably, if you have to many colours from many musical tracks mixed in they might blend too much between each other. To make it more general can multitrack audio session be mixed with multitrack Spectrastrobe? Could you let me know your thoughts on those ideas, please.

    As for the instruments I play. I play Bansuri (indian bamboo flute), learning to program synth, and recently picked up a RAV drum (which is like a hybrid between hang and tongue drum but gets the best of both instruments. plus my singing is not so bad, can do overtones too. So you see I have so many musical ideas going and now that I have discovered this amazing world of Spectrastrobe my head is spinning even with more ideas!

    I shall be looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Seva,

    That synth sound caused by the reverb wasn't my intention, but I liked it, and accentuated a bit by EQ the reverb :-)

    The version I use use of MWS is the standard, because I don't need the extra options for some EEG and I don't use sound and things like that from that software. To use a different color for each musical part is very difficult, because the whole will be blurry if the colors sights to quickly.
    I have try this with several sessions I made (for instance "White @ black" or "the sweetest"), but just to accentuate a melodie or some bass. It is a lot of work to make that accentuating smooth and natural. I have just finished 3 new sessions where I try to go a little further in this. In a month or so I think they will be available in a new CD from me.
    It is possible to use MWS as a multitrack, but for more editing and mastering a good DAW is much better (protools, cubase logic pro). If you use the build-in sounds, then it is more usable for multitrack. I always record my music in a DAW, make a stereo mix down and import that in MWS.

    Yes, the Bansuri.. Very smooth and elegant instrument! About that RAV drum, that youtube link sounds really nice! A good friend of mine will make a new CD in my studio in about two weeks with such an instrument. Here is a link to see some pictures:

    Greets and very nice to meet you,


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    Default Re: "sacred moment" direct download works back!! At last!!

    Thank you Domonique,

    I shall try my own way with MWS and post my creations to the forum. And thank you for the advice.

    Nice meeting you too!



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