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Thread: Kasina External LED light design.

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    Default Re: Kasina External LED light design.

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for suggested links. Unfortunately, I have found out that DMX protocol does not handle very fast changes well.

    Here is a quote from DMXiS site:

    "...Unfortunately, the DMX protocol simply doesn’t handle fast changes well. If you want to strobe quickly, use the “strobe” macro feature that is built into most DMX lights. While they may not strobe perfectly in sync, they will at least strobe at a consistent rate..."

    So as you can see DMX is not really good enough for AVS as it can not handle precise frequency driving.

    But what I think is possible is to get one of DMX LEDs and design the Kasina driver board and install it on the light with the possibility of switching between 2 modes (Kasina and DMX). It would save time and cost on designing the LEDs layout as well as light enclosure with power supply in place already.

    Maybe a custom Kasina bridge board could be designed to connect to existing driver board. I do not know but this could be very interesting.

    Besides, judging by your advice on using MWS as well as having Kasina Basic Editor, they are the best platforms to create sessions and it would be kind of too complex of an approach to create a workflow with DAW in conjunction with lights. Besides I like the idea of having Kasina (very small and portable) as main device to play sessions from, even if one should take two external lights to their friends home to introduce them to the experience.

    I shall employ the help of my friend and let you know how it will all go.

    Best regards,

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  2. Default Kasina to power DIY Lucia , Pandorastar or Enkidu

    I was wondering if its possible to wire the output of Kasina to LEDs and create a home version of Lucia/ Pandorastar? and if there is any benefit compared to goggles ?

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    Default Re: Kasina External LED light design.

    MindPlace used to have an external light bank, which I assumed could be controlled by their devices. Looks like it is not available anymore.

    Advantages would be comfort of not having to wear light frames, especially for sleep. You would also be able to entrain groups of people, something that hypnotists would favor. I remember a device that allowed you to split off another light frame so you could zone out with a friend It would be useful for entraining while working. I've used light frames that offset the LED's around the eyes so you can look through them while working, but they were too distracting for me, and dried by eyes out.

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    Default Re: Kasina External LED light design.

    The MELs system was likely too expensive to produce for the few sales it generated.

    As linked in Post #2, one could fairly easily create their own, and as a tinkerer myself, I encourage and support all forms of DIY!

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