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    This Procyon session is designed for balanced breathing, useful when using a device like the emWave or any other GSR device. I noticed my emWave2 graphs improved by using this session. Of course, it can be used standalone - you can learn this simple but effective breathing technique here:
    I chose purple for the in-breath as that color keeps me alert better - you can easily drowse off in this session. Aqua-blue for the out-breath as that's a relaxing color for me, and I associate the out-breath with "releasing".You don't need to use the sound portion, but if you do, note that the sound will change subtly between in and out breaths. Also, I use a technique you might like: - the sound is tied to one of the lights which is set as a square wave, but the square wave doesn't turn all the way off, and this light is set to 6 beats. The sound pitches are separated by 6. The effect is a hybrid mix of Isochronic and Binaural.

    While the lights portion can be easily programmed if you're just using Ganzfields, I found the transition between colors too jarring. So there is a fade-in and fade-out between colors. That simple addition sure took a long time to figure out! Lots of trial and error between Duty-Cycles, DC Offsets, and Amplitudes. If you can get it smoother, let me know.
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