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    This Procyon session I originally made about 5 years ago after reading a study (I think by Tom Budzynski) re entraining multiple frequencies simultaneously. Not an easy feat. I find it produces a wide-awake state while simultaneously quietening thoughts. For me, a desired state.
    In the study:
    - only lights were used, a series of three successive frequencies (flashes)
    - each light was on only 2.5 seconds (this was critical for success)
    - this repeated in a loop, but the exact time wasn't stated
    Using the Procyon Editor's Loop feature this is easy to duplicate. Also, I enhanced it for the Deepvision Ganzframes.

    Note that there are two uploads. "Lights 3X" can be rather intense the first few times you use it with Deepvision - "Lights 3X Mellow" is for Deepvision if you experience eye-strain after using the regular version.
    The first few minutes it may seem nothing much is happening. But eventually it usually never fails to provide a kaleidoscope effect.

    This is provided as a Procyon file - meaning you can append it to your Procyon with the Procyon editor, or run it directly from the Procyon editor.

    Session Details
    Total Length:
    First 1/2 minute is a gentle ramp up
    Then12 minutes for the main part, 3 frequencies looping in succession
    Final 4 seconds is a gentle loop down

    Note 1: sound is optional, you can turn it off, though personally I like the beats
    Note 2: "Lights 3X Mellow" doesn't have intro or exit ramps, none needed
    Note 3: you can import either "as is" into the Procyon Editor and modify colors and the intro/exit ramps to your liking
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    Yuri Shramenko

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