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Thread: Looking for an EMDR protocol session

  1. Default Looking for an EMDR protocol session

    Hi there :-)

    In my client work, I sometimes leverage EMDR techniques which I find helpful to help overcome emotional blocks and process congested information. It doesn't even have to be a full-blown trauma you are dealing with, it is very helpful for the minor stuff as well.

    The original protocol had you waving your hand in front of the client's eyes, but later it turned out other forms of bi-lateral stimulation (auditory or touch) work just as well.

    In this context, I thought it would be worthwhile to test the KASINA in this context - all that is needed are two tracks, a faster and a slower one, with lights and beats switching from left to right.

    Are you aware of any existing mp3s for KASINA that I could leverage here? I know it's probably easy to program stuff like this KBS (or NP3 or MWS), but I haven't digged into those programs yet and didn't want to reinvent the wheel unnecessarily :-)

    Best regards

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    I've not come across one except for some that are part of an entertainment session. They are kind of annoying for any length of time - but that isn't being used for the context you want!
    Programming wouldn't be hard and you could best tailor it to suit your particular session.

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    Yeah, I even think the annoying quality may be part of its work mechanism ;-) interfering with the original memory trace by entering a different and new experience to the network. I know some practitioners who use the more rapid/deterring tones for combination with the negative memory/association and follow up with slower/agreeable sounds for the second phase to stabilize relaxation.

    Could you point me to one of the entrainment sessions you mentioned? Would love to see an example of how the technique has been integrated.

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    The one I remember is Spectrastrobe Mind-Art session: Spectra. I posted a video of a segment of that one showing off the deep vision colors. They start alternating a couple of minutes in

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    Thanks mate - I actually know this video from my German dealer's website :-) but I think the alternating lights are really meant as a diversion here to avoid habituation, without EMDR as a purpose. The critical thing with EMDR is that you need the person to focus on the specific memory or sensation - and the switching pattern simultaneously. It's the dual focus which brings about change in the network.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond, greatly appreciated :-)

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