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    I know other versions of these have been posted before, so I hope folks don't mind me sharing my first attempt to make a sleep mask using the Kasina LED light strip. I mostly use my Kasina for falling asleep at night, and I sleep on my side and toss and turn a lot, so I wanted something thin and flexible enough to be comfortable even lying on my side that would stay in place reasonably well.

    Flexible LED sleep mask version 1.0 works very well, but I have several changes in mind to improve it for version 2.0; mostly aesthetic things like making sure whatever I use to cover the LED strip is wide enough so I don't have to glue 2 pieces together, being neater with the glue and better color matching. Black suede would have looked better than the light gray I used. So far, functionally, it seems pretty sound.

    Quick overview here; probably far more detail than necessary (sorry) in the attached pdf, including list of materials used.

    Inside of sleep mask with plastic ribbon cable and LED strip. Ribbon cable is to provide structure and support for the LED strip while maintaining flexibility. Vinyl/leather glue used to attach ribbon cable to mask.

    Strips of leather/suede over plastic ribbon cable/LED light strip both to protect the LED strip and for comfort. Thin, transparent plastic between the LEDs and the leather/suede strip. Heat shrink tube covering left side of LED strip to protect wires because I couldn't find my roll of electrical tape. Note: Didn't use heat to shrink; just glued in place. Vinyl/leather glue used to attach leather/suede to mask.

    Finished mask. Oof, I really did make a mess with the glue. Fortunately, it dries flexible so it doesn't affect functionality.

    Even with the plastic ribbon cable under the LED strip and the leather/suede on top, the mask is still plenty flexible.

    Finished mask in use.

    & Finished mask really in use once the glue smell dissipated.
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    Default Re: DIY Sleep Mask

    Hi Tomboy,
    It looks like a very workable design. As you mention flexibility and comfort are a must. We love seeing new DIY designs and different ways of approaching the goal. Using ribbon cable is clever for the structural integrity. Aren't the light strips great? They are so easy to work with. Do the earbuds stay in your ears comfortably? Mine never did during sleep, so I use SleepPhones.

    Thank you very much for the detailed pictures. I'm looking forward to your refined designs and reports of use.

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    Default Re: DIY Sleep Mask

    Thanks for the reply. The light strips are very nifty and it's awesome for MindPlace to make them available.

    I don't have a problem wearing earbuds while I sleep, but I'm used to wearing them to listen to music while I sleep anyway. I like Skullcandy ones; the back is rounded and blunt and doesn't stick out very far. That's what I'm wearing in the photos above. Ones that have a longer or more tapered shape (like these, just to pick a random example) don't stay in as well for me.

    I've looked at SleepPhones but worry that a thick headband like that will be too hot and uncomfortable in warmer weather, which makes me wonder if there's a way to DIY the speaker inserts into something more lightweight and breathable, but haven't been able to come up with a workable idea. They do look nice and flat and more comfortable for sleeping, though.

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    This looks pretty cool, Ill bet it would work great with the Happyluxe Sleep Mask I use called the Escape Sleep Mask. This mask is made from great fabric, and covers most of your ears, so you can sleep with ear buds in.

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    Default Re: DIY Sleep Mask

    Brain fm funded a study done by Northwestern University (see attachment)
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    Hi all sorry to hijack a thread but does anyone know where I can buy the DIY LED strip and get it sent to the UK, I have tried on the shopping on main site but it keeps coming up they don't ship to my address.
    Any help would be much appreciated
    Many thanks in advance

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    Unfortunately the international shipping these days will cost more the item, and you will be lucky to get it. International orders are handled through the MindPlace stores on eBay and Amazon, but I don't think they have the DYI strip. Try these authorized dealers:

    Lifetools UK

    Meditations UK UK

    Amazon UK

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    Thanks for responding
    I could not find none on them sites
    would anyone be able to get me some shipping quotes and if reasonable enough would anyone be willing to buy and ship to me if I send you the money before hand
    many thanks

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