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Thread: Need help creating hypnosis sessions

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    Hi all!

    Heads up!! This will be a rather lengthy post as I'm a complete newbie here, and I'm so excited about this!!

    So I recently bought my new Kasina + DV from MindPlace and this has been the most rewarding investment ever! I gave it a try and went on an amazing mind journey. I also tried it on 2 of my clients (I am a hypnotherapist) and they instantly fell in love with the effect! That being said, I super highly recommend the Kasina.

    Changing gears to my challenges:
    1- I want to create a hypnotic session to be used in my hypnosis office that starts off in a relatively relaxed state for about 5 minutes, then goes into a deep meditative state for another 5 minutes, then slips into a deep deep hypnotic trance for about 30 minutes, then again into a relaxed state for about 5 minutes, then goes into a fully energizing state for another five minutes (like the one that says not to be recommended before sleep... that kinda energized!)

    So to summarize:

    Phase 1: Relatively relaxed state for 5 minutes
    Phase 2: Deep meditative state for 5 minutes
    Phase 3: Deep hypnotic trance for 30 minutes
    Phase 4: Relaxed state for 5 minutes
    Phase 5: Fully alert state for 5 minutes

    (Total session time: around 50 minutes)

    2- I want to be able to mix appropriate music with the above-mentioned session. I'm thinking of buying all the relevant royalty free tracks. Here's a general idea:

    Phase 1: A walk in the forest kind of sounds
    Phase 2: Soft crackling fire sounds
    Phase 3: Sound of the ocean and soothing waves
    Phase 4: Soft crackling fire sounds
    Phase 5: Empowering motivational music

    3- Now that we have a track mixed with the above bullets 1 and 2, how can I synchronize the lights to display a mind-blowing visual effect along with the sounds of the phases?

    4- I imagine this will take me years to complete!! LOL. Assuming I somehow miraculously complete this track, I plan on connecting a microphone to the Kasina so that my clients can hear my voice through their headphones along with the track while experiencing the visuals from the DV.

    Can anyone give me pointers on how to do all that?!

    I apologize for the length of this post, and I truly thank you for reading up to this point and for all the help and support I expect to get.

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    Hi Anthony,
    It is awesome that you are not only enjoying the Kasina yourself but can also utilize it for the benefit of others. I hope you will take the opportunity to learn a few necessary skills to best utilize the Kasina, personally and in your practice.

    The good news is that you have a detailed map set up. If you are willing to download a trial version of Mind Workstation here then I am willing to share techniques and examples that will guide you well along the way to your goal. Many of the sound types that you want are included in Mind Workstation as a feature called Ambience Generators. The best thing about this is that your audio scenes would be a bit different every time or you can output the audio from the track if you wanted a repeatable session, say as a trigger for a client.

    The Kasina is fully supported by Mind Workstation with direct links in the interface to control the lights, preview on the Kasina, and download the finished session to the SD card.

    It is holiday time now so I do ask that you give me a bit of leeway this week. However, in the meantime, I have many Mind Workstation training videos on my YouTube channel here: . I suggest that you start with this one.

    With a bit of effort and guidance you will be able to implement your vision. Let me know if this sounds like a plan.

    If you know something I don't, speak up! If maybe I know something you don't, ask away!

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    Cognitive and Clinical Hypnotherapy offer a unique approach to addressing the underlying causes of negative habits and tendencies by creating a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. This form of therapy has been known to have a profound impact on individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, and insomnia, by providing a safe and effective means of replacing unwanted habits with beneficial ones. Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety can be a powerful tool for those seeking to overcome stress and anxiety by providing a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and empowering individuals to take control of their thoughts and emotions. The life-changing effects of hypnotherapy for insomnia can be truly helpful, offering a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. It doesn't matter whether you're coping with social anxiety, phobias or potentially fatal habit.

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