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Thread: Patterned Pop - 3.5 min Hit of Mind Art

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    Talking Patterned Pop - 3.5 min Hit of Mind Art

    Hello Everyone

    I feel like I'm offering myself up for sacrifice here! This is the first mind art session I've created using MWS Pro so please be gentle with me.

    This is no 30 minute or so relaxation session. More like a visual hit. I haven't had time to synchronize the pattern changes to the beat, I think that will be in the next project.

    All feedback and suggestions welcome. I've included all the files for the project so please feel free to adapt, modify, improve and re-post.

    Thanks to Neuroasis for the information on creating mind art.

    Enjoy (hopefully)
    Regards from the UK
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    Hello, Kirk--

    Well, we're not quite ready to ask for human sacrifices here yet, but thanks much for your offering... PatternedPop! :-) I'll be checking this out as soon as I return to my Windows system at work... pity that Transparent hasn't created a Mac version of MWS yet, but c'est la vie.


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    I enjoyed this a lot! Thanks!

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