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    I wrote a couple of theta sessions. I call them Theta Bombs.

    I call them that because they are probably not as entertaining as they are specific to bombarding you with theta waves.

    I wrote them to pursue noticeable results. Kind of like when your exploring a circuit and you bottom out the pots in both directions to see what result you'll get.

    I thought, I'll rev this one up, figure out what the results were and then incorporate some segments into a future more elaborate session.

    However I got such amazing physical results I want to keep testing them for results.

    Some of the noticeable results for me were being planted into a very comfortable world while in the session Theta Bath. While out of the session a very long lasting and hugely substantial elevated mood level.

    Here they are:

    The official description is: They both start out RG square in the 4Hz range with a 175 pitch. Theta Bath ramps up quick to RG square 7.5Hz 175 pitch range then stays there for most of the session then ramps down slow about 25 minutes later to RG square 4Hz 175 pitch and ends.

    ICBTM-Intercontinental Ballistic Theta Missile Starts out at 4Hz but eases you into the 7.5Hz range a little slower, stays at RG square 7.5Hz 175pitch for about 50 minutes then slowly eases you back down to the 4Hz range.

    BTW use a really nice pair of headphones to get the best results. I use my Kasina headphones. Love those phones. With the right choice of rubber seals they are the best phones you'll ever use.
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    Funny name on ICBTM. Thanks for sharing these sessions. Do you mix these with music when you use them or standalone?
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    Thanks Scott. Stand alone. I wrote a little about the missile in the original post in the Procyon section.

    Back by request.
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