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    Hey folks. Hope you are all well.

    Im about to start a transcendental meditation course next month and am wondering if there are and existing kasina presets that would work to enhance the meditation. My understanding in that TM creates alpha waves within the brain, but as the range in alpha is quite wide (8-12 hz) I'm not certain what the TM sweet spot should be. If such a program doesn't exist then any advice as to structuring a program would be greatly received

    thanks for any help in advance!

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    Hi Sunny,
    Sorry for the delay in responding. Each person has a peak alpha frequency (PAF). This can be measured by an EEG when you close your eyes. Craig Tice has found that although subtle your eyelids tend to tremble when you are near this frequency. I have confirmed this with EEG driving sessions. Again it is subtle. So, you can sweep around the alpha frequencies looking for the point at which your eyelids tremble the most. This is rule of thumb stuff, so feedback on people's results would help confirm if it is valid or not.

    Here is a good discussion about PAF:

    There are quite a few EEG studies involving transcendental meditation, use this Google Scholar search:

    So, in summary I would say that a slow sweep from 8-13hz over say 5 minutes up and 5 minutes down would be useful. Keep it minimal with either all lights on or just the red. 5 minutes is good for this as each minute would represent 1hz. Thus you can time yourself and figure out generally what the frequency was at a key moment.

    What machine are you using?

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi Scott. No worries at all on the delay! You never fail to impress me with your knowledge and effort you put into your responses. Thanks a bunch for that, this is spot on what I needed.

    I'm using a Kasina... I remember reading about the PAF before but forgot about that, i'll build a sweep as described above to figure out my PAF.... Unless you know of one that exists for the Kasina already?


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    Here you go Sunny. This session is 2 cycles of 8hz to 13hz up/down. It is a total of 20 minutes long. Probably you would use either ColorSet 1 or 2.

    Note: I had to add it as a zip archive as the uploader wouldn't recognize the kbs extension. So be sure to extract it first before copying to the Kasina.
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    Hi Andy, I'm new to Mindplace and have recently bought a Kasina in order to deepen my meditation practise. I've just found this whilst searching the forums. I've extracted this file to my Kasina and have noticed some key moments where I think I might be at my ideal PAF but I don't know what frequency they are. When you say two seep cycles, I'm not sure if 8hz - 13hz is one sweep cycle and 13hz - 8hz another or if it goes up then down twice. I'm also struggling to work out how long each frequency plays for because 8-13 is 6 different frequencies, which isn't divisible by 20

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