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Thread: New Kasina user - anxiety programme

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    Is there any way to view them as a graph? Something similar to ?
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    Hey there. Am new here. Any idea if it will work on someone with a long history of depression and anxiety? I have been struggling with those two demons for a long while. I have been through a lot of different therapies and through many different doctors and they do help to some extent but I'm always waking up on edge.
    I have been to may different support groups and some of my friends from there suggested I try kratom. I was not really sure of it at first but there have been a lot of good feedback from people with anxiety and so I decided to give it a go. I talked with people online and after some research I decided to go with the red vein kratom (I was actually surprised at how many different types of kratom there). I have been using it for a few months already and it does help a lot better then the regular anti-anxiety medication just because I don't feel as fuzzy after it and it's a natural plant which is always a plus in my book.
    I am interested in trying different things though so I would love some feedback on this AVE thing.
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    Brainwave entrainment and AVE are without a doubt helpful in reliving stress and anxiety. Even the skeptics have to admit that they feel relaxed and chilled out after an AVE session.

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    Anxiety as you state is caused by an argument going on between the two sides of you in your waking state. One side when dominant says you can, the other says you cannot based on it's experience usually in the forming years.
    PTSD ( the adult formed case of anxiety on the other hand comes from trauma in the adult stage.
    You need to balance the brain frequencies using the AVS in all ranges and play a recording at the same time you make your self asking you what caused the insecurity in the first instance
    No one frequency state has all the answers and It is no good saying I am good I am calm etc etc.
    You ( your name was called you as a child ) so use your expression for you in your suggestions not I.
    Of course when the argument continues in the sleeping state, you don't get much sleep. So play your self help recording in both states.

    Kind regards.

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