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Thread: How I converted my Kasina Ganzframes into a sleep mask.

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    Default How I converted my Kasina Ganzframes into a sleep mask.

    I hope the fine folks at MindPlace do not deem this post irresponsible. But this worked so well for me, I thought I would share my experience.

    I have attached a DOC with step by step instructions and pictures, showing how I made my Ganzframes into a sleep mask.

    It goes without saying that I take no responsibility if you choose to try this and screw up your system. It involves taking apart your frames, and with something this delicate, it could easily go bad.

    That being said, it worked for me and I love the final product.

    I'd love your feedback.

    Thanks all.
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    Default Re: How I converted my Kasina Ganzframes into a sleep mask.

    We like it when people share DIY stuff. It is definitely encouraged. We will share more ourselves. Of course, each DIY project comes with the caveat that if you try it, it might fail.

    Your approach is interesting. I usually don't keep the lens on. The LED strip is actually really robust and tough. The only thing is breaking the solder connections. You definitely have to have a set of 'jeweler's' screwdrivers to remove the little screws. However, your idea is good in how you present it. I think the tape reinforcement is wise.

    Thanks so much for sharing. We have extra sets of Ganzframes for Kasina for sale now. Also, we ordered extra LED strips that we might offer for sale alone, as well as in masks and other form factors. So, your post is timely.

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  3. Default Re: How I converted my Kasina Ganzframes into a sleep mask.

    Great idea, Shmeltz. And very clear instructions.

    You can get sleeping masks with built-in headphones. Incorporating the Ganzframes into those would give the perfect one-piece headset for bedtime!

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