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    I unpacked my Sirius after years packed away. Lightly used so I am going to delay an upgrade to the Kasina for awhile.

    I generally focus on breathing during my sessions. More often than not I sleep, blank out, or black out, basically I lose track of time.

    My main question is this--does eeg analysis of AVS users indicate that brain wave patterns are still effectively driven even if asleep or in a non-conscious state?

    Secondary questions--some of the research into AVS is getting a bit dated. Has much MRI work been done on the effects of AVS?

    How can AVS systems be used as supportive tools for shifting from a ideological, word based, intellectual mindset to a holistic, averbal sensation driven mindset?

    Would one get at this through frequency fiddling or by context based session rituals (self hypnotic suggestion, drawing, visualization exercises etc.).


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    This is not an easy question to answer. I don't know of specific studies that have used the variable of the subject being unconscious. I do know that some epilepsy tests are conducted with the subject asleep. We might assume logically that if you process signals behind closed eyes while awake then you would also do so to a degree in light stages of sleep. However, it comes back to the chicken and egg question of what is the effect on consciousness?

    As with all fields, there are older and newer studies. AVS in general had a research heyday in the late 80's and early 90's. All of these studies are still valid as the fundamental technologies have not changed. Not a great deal of large sample group, expensive, studies have been done. The bulk of research is focused on pharmaceuticals for obvious financial reasons.

    In general, I think AVS supports the type of mindset that you are wanting to encourage. This is due to the fact that it is an 'experience' more so than a 'method'. In fact it is often very hard to find words to adequately describe the experience. It is generally a right brain activity.

    If you tend to fall asleep and don't want to do this try a shorter session. Especially a session that has a high ramp up in the middle which will tend to accelerate drifting brainwaves. Try factory session 12 - Quick Alertness Break. If has mostly alpha sections with a ramp up to beta in the middle. It is only 12 minutes long, so you can play it more than once back to back. Then you can build up to longer sessions and remain awake.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thank you for the Aha! moment you provided me on this question.

    I never thought of the AVS experience as a holistic, right brain experience, but it obviously is. My inability to nail down the experience in words is a big hint that I have conveniently blocked out for years.

    I've been hung up on quantifying a fundamentally non quantifiable activity. Yes blood pressure and other physiological data can be gathered, but this is only one facet of the experience, and not of critical importance. Like meditation the benefits might not even happen during a session, but later as an accumulated effect.

    I'll give 12 a shot too.

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