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    I have been suffering from severe insomnia for nearly 5 months. I have been through a number of pharmaceuticals as well as herbs and other supplements -with nothing giving me relief (or shutting off my mind) - I note that there are three machines (Proteus, Procyon, and Kasina) are any of them more geared for dealing with sleep issues?

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    Hello and Welcome!

    All of the 3 products can help with insomnia. In choosing one of them it just comes down to price and features.

    Have a look at what others have tried for insomnia:

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    I would say that generally the Kasina is the best suited. This is because it is a self contained unit with the mp3 player and sessions onboard. Thus, you can get a better variety of soundtracks without needed to hookup external devices. These can of course be very simple like subtle nature sounds or white noise fields (like ocean waves) So, overall there is less setup time and more focused choices as well as variety.

    All of our units have things like auto shut off for instance that preserve battery life when you fall asleep.
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