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Thread: My new session " sacred moment"

  1. Default My new session " sacred moment"

    This session is something very different compared to my other sessions. I have record this with real voices, in my studio as well as in a cathedral in Belgium.
    It was a lot of work. To blend the voices, to compose it so that it will work for a session, to mix and master (sound) this.I just use real voices with some reverb-shimmer.

    The spectra is fairly easy and smooth, with a freq of 7,86 hz. I have try to let the singers use a vibrato in there voice that will work on the 7,86 freq, which was not an easy task, believe me :-)

    I truly hope you will enjoy this session. The only thing I ask back is that you give some comments on this. Till now I have made 8 spectra sessions, and this one is the 2nd I put in this forum.



    P.S.: if you follow me on sound cloud, I can give you another new session I have made. This session is still in private and I just want to share this with enthousiasts..
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    Woooow this is absolutely stunning beautiful.
    You have created a real piece of art.
    The music and the lights are melting together in perfect harmony and I love these natural
    angellike voices.
    It's lifting me up into these wonderful inner worlds of peace and onness where time stands still.
    Actually there are no words to describe this.
    I know that you are a musician and that you earn your money with music, so I apreciate it
    very much that you share this "Angel" Session for free!!
    I'm looking foreward for your Session CD

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    Thank you very much, Esthy!!

    It is really nice to read this!

    What is special about making sessions, is that you know that people will hear your music and spectra entrainment in a profound way, more than just listen to a CD or radio.
    And before I bring out a CD with spectra, I must give some sessions for free, so I know if i am on the right track, and so people will know what I make.

    I hope I can release my other sessions soon, hopefully mind place will take action soon, so that I can release my other sessions :-)



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    Thanks Dominique. This one I enjoyed more than your skytrip. The skytrip gave me a headache. Keep up the good work!

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    With pleasure and thanks, Tom!

    Nice to hear you enjoy this one.
    Strange that you had a headache with skytrip.
    The spectra is in skytrip fairly normal, But every human
    react differently on sessions. Till now you're the only one and i hope it stays that way :-)



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    I really liked this session. Very angelic. The music and spectra was spot on. Keep it up, and look forward to hearing more. 🙏

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    Thank you, Stormchas3r.

    I have keep the spectra smooth and easy, but the delicate sync wasn't easy.



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    Nice job! Production value of the audio is great. How many vocalists did you have? Real nice job on the Spectra as well. I will be posting some of my own work once I have it polished up a bit. Still trying to wrap my head around all this. Time is a real issue for me as well. I always have a two-day list for what seems like a two-hour timeframe. Thanks again for the share!
    The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
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    Thank you! I had 6 vocals (myself included) that I have used for the basic harmony that I recorded in a cathedral, so I had a good sound from that place, with a great natural reverb. We did the other harmony voices in my studio. I play music in several concepts, and one concept is a duo with a girl, who sings in this session the lead vocal.

    And I know to make time can be a difficult thing. Keep me posted when you finished a session, if you want to.
    Do you use your own music for the sessions?
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    What a lovely, tranquil and ethereal piece of work, Dominique! And excellent studio production work, as others have mentioned. It's taking us some time to complete the download store, but definitely in-process, and be sure to save works for sale there. It's great that you, Esthy and others have been willing to share your works with our community, and we all at MindPlace really appreciate that. :-)

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