For all these years I have just used the proteus by itself.

ok an update - last night I decided to try it with bwgen again - after years. The night before I tried with some audiostrobe mp3's but zero led output occured.

However there is usually some crackling and flashing LEDs while the aux plug goes in and out.

OK so it worked with bwgen - perfectly in fact.

Then I slightly bumped the aux plug & it went off then back on. I tried the MP3's again and not working.

So maybe the mp3 file was no good or maybe my media player software needs specific settings. There is an issue with the plug socket but its working for now.

I will try with some different MP3's next and if they dont work I will try adjusting the player settings.

I wont bother to resolder the plug - will hold out a while & upgrade the L&S machine.

For now bwgen does indeed work with the proteus audiostrobe but MP3's do not (I use my PC not a CD player)

Also Audiostrobe on bwgen did not need any special settings - it worked fine with both rectangular & sine wave at any volume level.

I also highly praise bwgen - its great and there are many dozens of presets

If they were to convert it to an android app & make some goggles for android devices it would be the most versatile L&S on the market

wireless / bluetooth L&S AVS glasses