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Thread: Sub-delta sleep sessions ver 2.0

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    Hi Andrew
    Thanks for the offer.Actually I have a question you might help me with.I was wondering how long the effect of a brainwave session lasts and how quick the brain is able to followthe different Hz of a session.
    For example if I use a delta sleep session lets say 15 minutes before I actually go to sleep will I still be in delta then or do I have t try to sleep directly after the session.(I do not like to wear the glasses in bed so I normally
    do them in asitting position on a chair)
    And for the other question I wonder there are these sessions where the Waveleghth chages pretty rapidly so every 1 or even 1/2 a minute, Does it make sense to create this kind of session or is the brain to slow to follow these rapid changes.How long should the time in the beginning of asession last to lead lets say from 10Hrz down to 4Hrz so the brainwaves will follow easely.
    Well about my name Thalassa this has a quit simple reason for one I love the Ocean and for the other I lo Greece (was travelling around the Island alot)Love the mystical touch of the country.
    You are fortunate I never flew through the Alps but went skiyng there.I live in Basle in the german part of Switzerland.
    About the sleep problems have you ever tryed Donna Edens Energy Medicine exercises thats what helpt me the most.And as I guess you are in the USA you could even get a personal meeting with her or one of her therapists.
    (I learned it from her workshop videos and it really helped me)

    Have a goodnight sleep and sweeet dreams
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