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Thread: What about The Monroe Institute?

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    Quote Originally Posted by neuroasis View Post
    There are ranges of frequencies and specific practices that increase the likelihood of such experiences.
    What might those be?
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    I tried two courses of the Monroe Institute (Gateway & Journey Out Of Body) and I'm not so satisfied with them. Maybe my expectations were to big? With the Hemi-Sync frequencies I had similar results of falling into a very relaxed state as with the Procyon night voyage program. But the out-of-body thing has not only to do with the right frequencies. If you are not able to bring your body into a (real!) sleep-paralysis, the chance to have an oobe is very small. I had 3 oobes by accident during the last 12 months and they always happend when being completely paralysed. Neither with Hemi-Sync nor with the Procyon I'm able to reach this kind of altered state. But doing a night-voyage session (or a similar one) close before going to sleep, enhances the chance to have a lucid dream or an oobe during the night. Sounds like esoteric blabla but switch of all electromagnetic sources like wifi or dect during the night. Fullmoon is the best time and the k-index has to be under 4. And no alcohol or (other) drugs at the evening. Sex weakended your kundalini, which you might need, think about this also

    best, Sven

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