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    This is a session for experienced light/sound machine users and experienced meditators.

    This technique, if done right, and practiced every day will give inner experiences of inner light and inner sound. It will raise your conciousness by activating your third eye and drawing down light into your body/chakras and slowly cleaning out blocks in you. When a block in cleaned out you can actually feel a bit uncomfortable for a little while but then the block is removed and will never return again. This will make you feel more and more free.

    I have created a one hour session i use for this special meditation.
    It's devided into two parts, 30 min each. After 30 min the lights fade out and back again, and the pitch goes up and back down again. So when lights go out and back you know 30 minutes have passed.

    part1: 1-30min beta down to low alpha
    part2: 30-60min from low alpha to low theta and high delta.
    (some beta at the end)

    part1: Relaxed Focus
    sit in a comfortable way that will allow space behind you for you to lie down. (sofa, bed, floor...). Keep focus on third eye all the time. Focus is the key.Breath in through the nose. Out through mouth. You will use this mantra, but only spoken mentally (in your mind): SO HANG.
    SO when breathing in. HANG when breathing out. (pronounce SO HUNG).
    Keep breathing this way in and out slowly in a relaxed way. Breath a little slower and deeper than you do with normal breath but keep the breath comfortable for you. let every breath be a reminder to keeping focus in your third eye center. If any inner images appear, keep focus in the middle.

    part2: Letting go
    Let go of all the obove instructions.
    Just lie down directly from your sitting posture, on your back. Arms by your sides. Just let go of everything. Just let thoughts come and go. Relax completely and observe your experiences whatever they may be.

    The original meditations say you should sit up for the whole hour. To lie down is my own thing i do because it works for me, but do whatever you feel like.

    When session is over: if you feel sleepy or just don't want to move (feeling to good to move), just go asleep. I have had OOBE's lucid dreams and other pretty dramatic experiences this way.

    This meditation is taken from:

    /Marcus Knudsen
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  2. Smile Re: Procyon Sessions

    Hi Marcus,

    Very good, thx.
    A proteus session would be nice.

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    Thanks for that Marcus, sounds good. Has anyone on the forum given it a go?
    Is ?ireannaigh m?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-ice View Post
    Thanks for that Marcus, sounds good. Has anyone on the forum given it a go?

    Tried it today and I found it to be a very nice overall relaxer, much like the 60 minute meditation factory sessions, but with a few nice twists. I'm not really sure about the 3rd eye stuff as I do not have any knowlege regarding what this is supposed to do and where you are supposed to imagine it is.

    Still. a very nice session and I'll definitely try it again. Many thanks for sharing this with us Marcus.

    I also found adding the session to my factory ones was very easy. I just opened the new session and appended it to the existing sessions and it became session #50. Hopefully I'll get through all the session building info/tutorials soon and start to build a few new sessions myself.

    Best cheers,
    Tom C

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    Default Re: Meditation Session

    Just stumbled upon this. Could this work on the Kasina do you know?

    Many thanks
    Life is but a dream

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    Default Re: Meditation Session

    This is a Procyon session. I reviewed it and there are not any 'Procyon' only type effects going on. So it would be easy to convert it. There are 63 segments so it will take awhile. Give me some time and I'll convert it for the group.
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    Default Re: Meditation Session

    Bless you Scott
    Your passion, expertise and commitment to helping is reason enough for nobody to wonder about purchasing these machines.
    Really outstanding service and great patience to boot!
    Much appreciated.
    Life is but a dream

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    Default Re: Meditation Session

    Here is the session converted to the KBS format for the Kasina.

    I recommend using one of the random ColorSets with this like ColorSet 13 Ran-FR.

    As a test, you could also adjust the light's Color Balance under the Settings menu - Visuals - Color Balance. For instance, set Red Right to 25 and Green Left to 25. This gives a nice asymmetrical balance to the random colors with the right brain being the most stimulated because of the brighter red, thus brighter perceived light. (somewhat so anyway). Please remember to set the Color Balance back to full on 100 for each eye color after the session.

    These are simple ramps as described above so for the best results you will want to do the visualizations, internal vocalization, and focus of intention.

    Enjoy and thanks and credit to the original poster!

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