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    Default Proteus Sessions

    I want to share some of the programs I've written with you. Even though I have achieved good results with these programs and others whom I've used the programs on (in practice) have liked the results, please be aware that you may not achieve the same results or you may not even like the programs.

    Some of these programs such as "Beta Focus" and "Alpha Beta" and "Working Concentration" I use with the sound only as I work at my desk. I got a little pouch, which I put my Proteus in and sometimes enjoy a session while I weed the garden or do house work.

    The "Trance" program is one that I used on my clients in my hypnotherapy practice. It does what the title says. lol This program would be good for anyone who wants to get into a deep state of meditation and for those who want to do self hypnosis sessions on themselves.

    I hope you enjoy them as I have.

    Remember to upload them into your "Utility" area avoiding over-writing the main program files.
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    Default Re: Additional Proteus Programs

    Quote Originally Posted by nancybixby View Post

    Thank you for generously sharing your programs. In looking in the zipped package, I could not find a program named 'Working Concentration.' Did I mis-read your post?

    Thank you,

    Hi Nancy,

    Sorry, I didn't include that particular program in the zip file. Here it is: See attached.

    I use the Alpha/Beta program the most for "working concentration" however, you may like the actual Working Concentration program as well.

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