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    Hi All,
    I converted all of my Proteus sessions to Procyon.
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    I've converted the sessions Marisa shared in Proteus format in her first post in this thread:

    I haven't tried updating them to include blue LEDS (as I might somehow distort the intent of the programs) and I haven't actually tested them to see if they work in Procyon. I'm assuming the conversion program converts accurately.

    Here for your enjoyment/use.

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    This is great- I've downloaded these sessions - how do I actually put them on the Procyon (and add them to the existing sessions?)

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    You would do that using the Procyon Editor. It can be downloaded from the support site along with the driver and Editor manual. You should read through the Editor manual to get a good understanding of how it works.
    There are videos here that show how to install the Driver and Editor and how to use the Editor.
    If you get stuck, start a new thread in the Procyon forum and we'll help you along.

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    Welcome to our Forums, OllieG!

    The Proteus to Procyon utility exports the Proteus red and green channels to Procyon format, so you might find it useful to add blue to some exported sessions. A significant portion of Procyon sessions are indeed modified Proteus sessions, as we've carried our 'ramp within band' ethos and session library forward through multiple design cycles, though expanding the possibilities with each new product.

    So once you've opened a converted Proteus session in the Procyon Editor, you can now change the visual stimulation waveform to, say, sine, and reduce the on/off to a more subtle shimmering effect by moving the DC Offset to between, say, 225 and 250. Or set it to 255 if you'd like that color to be on steadily, while the other two channels flicker against that 'under-painting'. Altering the phase between color channels can be quite interesting, especially at lower frequencies. If you choose to retain the visual pulse waveform, shifting the pulse width within the ca. 60-100 range (out of 255) can produce some of the crispest visuals.

    The Editor makes it easy to create/edit segments and then test them immediately, when you've connected your Procyon to your Windows PC using the included USB cable.



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