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    Default Script: Stop Smoking

    Attached is a stop smoking script.

    Where most people fail when they want to quit smoking is in how they think about smoking. They spend much of their time telling themselves that they "can't smoke" or "not to have a smoke". It's important to know that the unconscious has problems processing negative language. So the more you think about how much you shouldn't smoke, the more you'll want to smoke.

    So what do you do? Tell yourself: "I can have a cigarette anytime I want to. Right now, I want to finish my work (or watching a show or whatever you are doing). I'll have one later." Later can mean 2000 years from now. What this does is it takes the focus on what you can't or shouldn't do and allows your mind to focus on something else - anything else.

    Don't think of a red ball with black spots. You thought about it for a second, didn't you? That is because in order not to do something, your mind has to do it first. If you want to avoid thinking about red balls with black spots - avoid the thought at the onset and think of something else.

    When I quit smoking one of the things I did was I got interested in the feelings and thoughts I had when I craved a cigarette. I became quite amused at the arguments the "addictive voice" gave as to why I should have a cigarette. I would laugh and say to my self, "Nice try."

    Another thing I did was when I wanted a cigarette, I would say to myself. I wonder what will happen if I just sit here and do nothing. Sit on my hands. Will I burst into flames? Will my head explode? So I wanted and the urge to smoke went away and the next time it came up, I repeated the process.

    It's been 14 years and I still can have a cigarette whenever I want. Maybe later ... in another hundred years or so.
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    Default Re: Script: Stop Smoking

    Hi. This way really works.
    I have seven years of quitting time.

    I do not say to myself that i quit. I do not think negative of smoking.
    I accept other people smoking near me. In general, i like tobacco, i like people doing things with it, no problem.
    If you fight with habbit it can win anytime. If you accept it in yourself or others - it just fades away.
    Max Danilushkin

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    "You can't NOT think of something without first thinking about it!"

    Hey has someone else studied NLP too? =) That's straight off the Chris Howard NLP sessions hehehe

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    I'm glad I found this topic, for me information on how to quit smoking is very relevant!!!

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