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    Attached is a script that I wrote on helping someone overcome an addiction. You would use whatever induction you wish and then read the script and go from there.

    Originally I wrote this script when I was working with a crack addict. The light and sound machine worked really well to help the person with the cravings - though, the effects only lasted a few hours.

    I strongly believe that had this person been in a treatment center where he had access to a L&S machine whenever he had a craving, he would have had more success.


    Hypnotherapy can help reprogram the mind when it comes to addictions because it establishes a new way of thinking and belief system at the unconscious level. Here comes the "but". In order for hypnotherapy to be a successful tool, the individual has to 1) want it to work, 2) believe it will work and 3) be willing to re-enforce the program with subsequent sessions or active effort on creating a supportive lifestyle of sobriety.

    In this person's case it would be to avoid hanging around other drug users. For someone who has a problem with alcohol, stay out of the bar and away from people who want to get drunk. For a smoker ... stay out of the bingo halls. LOL (That's one of the only places you can smoke in Calgary).
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    Thankyou Marisa for the scripts. They are exactly what I was looking for! I appreciate the time you have sunk into this endeavor.


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