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Thread: Looking forward to my new Sirius!

  1. Default Looking forward to my new Sirius!

    Greetings all,

    After reading up on mind machines for the past few days and reading this forum, I decided to take the plunge and get one myself. Seeing as how I'm starting out at ground zero with the whole AVS thing, I chose the Sirius as my first system and can't wait to try it out. I'm not really going into this with any preconceived notions as to what to expect from a session, but am certainly looking forward to the ride.

    I've messed around with meditation here and there and have a whole bunch (pretty much all) of the Dr. Jeffrey Thompson CDs. Would I be able to use those with the Sirius? I know that I can patch through with the audio, but what about the frequencies that are on the CDs? Will the Sirius react to those since they are not "beats" per se?

    Thanks in advance for any help...


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    Default Re: Looking forward to my new Sirius!

    Hi Ken,

    The Sirius is a great machine - far better than its price would suggest.

    Most hypnosis type CDs can be played alongside Sirius alpha or theta sessions to good effect. CDs that do have their own beats are better played solo, but the Sirius has a mode where it can flash to the sounds, and if the CD is Audiostrobe encoded, then the Sirius deals with that very well too.

    Hope you get as much pleasure out of AVS as I have.


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    After what felt like forever waiting for my Sirius to arrive in the mail, it showed up yesterday.

    I had read on the forums that some folks thought the unit was a bit large and possibly outdated in how it operates but I don?t know where they?re coming from. The fact that you can get something that provides this much entertainment for under a hundred bucks is pretty cool to me. Plus, getting a CD with 74 minutes of Audio Strobe music is nice too. As for it?s being too big; I don?t really agree with that one either. Sure, it could probably be made as small as an mp3 player, but then it would also get lost like my son?s iPod always seems to. Also, I can only imagine that driving those LEDs takes a bit of current that would be hard to deliver from one tiny AAA battery.
    I messed with it a little while at work and couldn?t wait to go home and really spend some quality time. It was just about bed time anyways, so I went for session 21 ?Good Night? and lay down. I didn?t perceive any images, but did see plenty of colors and rainbow effects. Once the session was over I could definitely feel that it was time to go to sleep because I was just laying there numb?awesome. Today, before going to work, I went with the suggestion in the manual and tried session 20 ?Tranquility?. It was dark in the room, quiet, and I was ready to go along for the ride. And what a ride it was! I saw, or perceived, or felt, or whatever, all kinds of crazy things in front of me. I saw lines, checkerboard patterns, lightning bolts, and at some point a bicycle cruising along (I?m not sure what to make of that one ). Very, very cool is all I can say. I really enjoyed how the session would ramp up, down, and alternate between focused and wide. Besides the imagery, I had all kinds of weird and totally unrelated thoughts and ideas come into my head. They would be there for a second, and then be gone. Maybe I was dreaming? I don?t know for sure. But it was fun, and that 25 minutes flew past.

    I?m going to have much fun with my Sirius. Darn, all I needed was a new hobby to throw money at...

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    Default Re: Looking forward to my new Sirius!

    Yep, I just got mine as well! Finally decided to take the plunge on Thursday and it arrived this morning. I've been in pretty poor health recently so I am hoping it will help take my mind off things and maybe help in its own right.

    Ah, dancing banana

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