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Thread: Synchromuse Sessions

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    Thanks so much for your kind words. They made my day. Unfortunately, I probably will not be making any more synchromuse sessions. They are just too time-consuming to produce. Instead, I've been focusing my energies on making a tool for realtime creation of audiostrobe lightshows. It's in the works, but on the back burner. I'm very deep into school right now, and don't expect to release it until June or July of next year. I will, however, make an announcement when that happens, so stay tuned.

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    help me with syncomuse session to get it to work solar neighborhood do i still have to upload to my procyon?

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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions

    Yes, upload the session file to the Procyon with the editor. Then, to get the Solar Neighborhood track to work, put your Procyon into dL2 or dAS mode by pushing the middle button 3 or 4 times. Run an audio cable in the AUX connector and play the audio file. The blip at the beginning of the track triggers the proper session to begin to play so you don't have to manually select it. You may have to turn the volume up quite a bit in the beginning to trigger the session. You will know it is working when the lights begin to flash. After that, lay back and enjoy!

    Either dL2 mode or dAS mode works. In dL2 mode you can stop the track if you want. In dAS you can't stop but you can pause. For this reason, dL2 is my preference.
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    Default Thank you Esteband

    I just finished listening to Solar Neighborhood and the experience was incredible! Never have I experienced such synchrony between light and sound leading to brain balancing that has me almost feeling giddy.

    The first attempt I neglected to append my upload and the consequence was AS session of remarkable intensity, very red and energizing. After appending, the perfect three light softened harmony of sound ,tone and light.

    This thread was a little hard to follow so here is my attempt to clarify a few essential steps in getting to your own enjoyment of this Solar Neighbor hood trip.

    1. download the zip file from page 1 and unzip. It is what you select to upload the session to the Procyon.

    2. download the large .FLAK file and save it in a findable place. That is what you click to have your player play the music.

    3. Make sure the com port is open before uploading and

    4. If you have the room choose Append to start upload of the prw file you unzipped.

    5. Plug cord into speaker outlet on computer and other end jack into aux on Procyon.

    6. click the Solar Neighborhood Flak file with Procyon on DAS or dl2
    mode and away you go.

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    Thank you for the info I missed the part
    About dl prw file to to procyon. Now it should work .

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    Smile Synchromuse and MP3 success!

    Solar Neighborhood sounds absolutely fantastic - I love all the spiralling panning effects. Great work esteband :-)

    Also, after a lot of tweaking, it seems that I've got Synchromuse to work with MP3s!

    Click here to download the mp3

    If you've got a spare moment, please do test this file and confirm whether it works for you.

    (You'll still need to upload the session file to the Procyon before it'll work, and then make sure the Procyon is in dAS mode before playing the mp3).

    Then, if everyone finds it works, perhaps it could be hosted on the support site? (I only have limited bandwidth with the above hosting service).

    As to how to get mp3s to work with Synchromuse... well, I'm off on holiday for ten days now, but I'm happy to reveal all when I'm back , and once we've verified that the file actually works for everyone.

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    I just used Solar Neighborhood again this evening via mp3 on my Sony Walkman, and two quick observations:

    1) If the Synchromuse track doesn't trigger, just turn the volume up a bit before you play it (you can always turn it back down again after the first two seconds).

    I actually increased the volume of the header section on the mp3 file using audacity to help it register with the Procyon better, but I still had to restart the session just now at a higher volume to get it to trigger.

    2) Solar Neighborhood is, aesthetically speaking, the best L&S session I've ever experienced, and it easily beats any audiostrobe session I've tried.

    I only fully entrained to it in the final 7-8 minutes, when I suddenly felt fully locked onto the theta frequencies, but even before the entrainment effects took hold, the sweeping washes of colours were absolutely entrancing. The mood kept reminding me of Blade Runner or Solaris :-) A truly great piece of work!
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    Thanks again got it to work its a fantastic journey.

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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions

    As suspected the mp3 doesn't work with my Sansa Clip Zip or my iPhone but does with my computer. This is same results I have been having. I have boosted the SM trigger level all the way to 0db and it makes no difference. Seems that hardware codec implementations vary widely and expect that high frequencies will be cut out so they don't put a lot of effort into reproducing them. FLAC or AAC works flawlessly on these devices.

    Thanks Will for detailing out instructions. I'm glad to see people are getting interested in experimenting with SynchroMuse. Solar Neighborhood is great no doubt. Look for more from me coming soon.
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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions

    Oh dear Scott - that's a shame. I searched long and hard to find an mp3 encoder that accurately preserves high frequencies (The common ones like Lame etc. seem to distort them even at 320kbps).

    And I really thought I'd struck gold with this one

    I could never get mp3s to trigger synchromuse sessions at all before I found this particular encoder. For all other mp3 encoders the synchromuse header file was visibly distorted when you viewed the waveform close up.

    I think mp3 compatibility would really help boost the popularity of synchromuse sessions, and the viability of releasing commercial tracks. Flac is a great format theoretically, but it's still not fully mainstream, and my walkman won't play them (I know - there's always wav!).

    Oh well, at least this mp3 works pretty consistently for synchromuse on the Sony Walkman. Maybe that's a testament to Sony's playback codecs?! I may try my girlfriend's ipod nano when we're back from holiday, just out of curiosity!

    If anyone else fancies testing the mp3, please do :-)
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