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Thread: Synchromuse Sessions

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    Default Synchromuse Sessions

    Hi All,

    I would like to make available my first synchromuse session for the procyon. Hopefully some other users will create some sessions and post them.

    I thought I'd start a new thread specifically for synchromuse packages. The attachment contains the procyon files and the .RAW file. The mp3 file that goes along with it is HERE.

    You'll have to assemble everything yourself, as I could not save an mp3 with the raw portion in the beginning. You'll also have to load the procyon session into your own unit. Please see this synchromuse tutorial for instructions.
    Another tutorial from CraigT is here.

    EDIT: I've learned that the embedded header works fine with FLAC compression. Download the FLAC file HERE. If you use this one, you don't have to download the mp3, and you can ignore the .RAW file in the attachment. You will still have to install the .PRW files to your procyon, though.

    I call this Solar Neighborhood. I know that's a cheezy title, but making titles for my music has always been a weakness. After I put it together, it reminded me of cruising through solar flares, venusian volcanoes, and clouds of blue gas. But the music makes it sound like you are doing so in a space-age steamship.

    The music is essentially a drone-like loop, driven through a load of different processors to make a very harmonically rich soundscape. I then used a "trance-gate" plugin to chop it into pieces - essentially modulating the whole piece to become an isochronic pulse. Therefore, if you would rather not use headphones, you may feel free not to.

    The pulses start out at 16 Hz, ramp down to 6Hz and then 5 Hz. So it is a nice theta session. The last minute or so ramps it back up to 8 Hz, maybe not enough to bring you completely out of reverie, but that's because I made this primarily for use before bed.

    I took great care to keep the lights perfectly synchronized with the music, as entrainment is my main goal. I had to use quite a bit of math to make this happen. So if you're interested, let me know and I'll describe my process. I'd especially like to hear from anyone who may want to help develop a new editor for procyon.

    Please comment, and above all, please share your own creations!


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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions


    Glad to see my "tutorial" getting some use (glad you were able to use it!)

    I've downloaded the accompanying MP3 for a quick listen and will do the whole Procyon thing this evening.


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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions


    There was a problem with my original attachment. Somehow, the segments got messed up when I was renaming the file in the procyon editor. But I fixed it and re-attached it. All good now, though - the attachment at the top of this post is the corrected one, and should do the trick.


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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions


    Many thanks for creating this. However, I was hoping that Synchromuse sessions would simply be in a wav or mp3 track that you would just play through your Procyon in das mode. Sort of simple like Audiostrobe cd's in as mode.


    I hope you are able to put the raw data file in front of the mp3 (or maybe wav) file. As it is, this proceedure is beyond me.


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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions


    I could insert the raw data in front and save it as a WAV file for you, but the problem is that it would be a very large file. I don't know where I could post such a behemoth. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I'd be happy to do it.

    You would still need to upload the procyon session to your unit before playing the music in DAS mode. Unfortunately, that's a limitation of the synchromuse system.


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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions


    I guess once you have added the raw file to the wav file you could then convert this to mp3 (at say, 320 kbps). This should be a lot smaller (~ the same size as the mp3 file you already posted). I could then run this file through my procyon via mp3 palyer, or convert it back to wav and burn a cd.

    Pity about have to actually load the session on the Procyon. I guess I thought that the raw data did this. Anyway, I don't think I'd have any problems doing this at least.

    So, to run all this (after loading the session into procyon) do you start by turning the procyon on, then go to the session you imported, then select das mode, and finally pipe the mp3/wav file through the ext?

    Thanks and I look forward to finally trying this.

    Best cheers,

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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions

    Unfortunately, something about the mp3 conversion process distorts the header, so it does not work. I attached the header using software called Sony Soundforge. That software would not even let me save it as an mp3 without first disposing of the header. It would, however, let me save a WAV file with the header intact.

    I then tried to convert that WAV file to an mp3 using a separate encoder software, but when I did so, the resulting file could not control the procyon.

    So it seems clear to me that the header info in the beginning of the file does not do well with compression. I might take a stab at some different compression types tonight, such as OGG and FLAC. But for now, the only way around this limitation is to just attach the header yourself.

    Your summary of the steps is correct, except that you don't have to go to the session you just imported. After successfully transfering the new session, just put the procyon in DAS mode, and then play the audio file (with header) from your computer, CD or whatever device you have connected to the procyon's auxilliary jack.

    One other word of advice: I find that if I start the file at a low volume, the procyon seems not to "hear" the header. So I turn up the volume quite loud, hit 'play', and wait for the ganzframes to start flashing. Once they've started, I can turn the volume down to a comfortable level.


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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions


    Thanks for creating the first Synchromuse session. If the uncompressed wave with the header could be uploaded that would make it a lot easier for everyone. It may sound a bit better too.

    Uploading the session to the procyon is very easy... Adding the header info with the audio program is a lot more difficult. Too bad it didn't work with the mp3.

    For the wav file with the proper header included, I would suggest this service to upload the file:

    I mediafire once before and it was very easy to create an account and then upload a file. (You may not actually need to create an account.) I believe it will accept up to a 200mb file. Its also quite fast. The only downside is that it will probably disappear if nobody downloads it for 2 months but maybe that won't happen...

    Anyways, thanks again - looking forward to trying it out!

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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions

    Good news. The header works just fine with FLAC compression. Another benefit is theoretically better audio quality than mp3. For those who do not have an audio editor to paste in the header yourselves, please download the header-embedded audio from the 1st post.

    This may be an unusual audio codec for some of you, but many current media players (such as winamp) will have no problem with it, and likewise, burning CDs will not be an issue if you have a relatively current copy of Nero or whatever. However, from my 10 minutes of research prior to posting this, I fear that iTunes and iPod are incompatible with FLAC, as apple uses their own proprietary lossless compression scheme.

    MindMachineFun mentioned that mediafire may delete the file after a few months if there are not enough downloads. If future readers of this post want to download the file, but find the link doesn't work, please PM me and I will repost it. Or admins, is there room on the forum's servers to hold large audio files?


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    Default Re: Synchromuse Sessions

    If the file seems to work well for everyone that tries it, I have no problem putting it up on the support site with a link here.

    Let me know if it seems to be valid and working for everyone.

    OGG may be another possibility of a lossless format as is MP4 lossless and WMV lossless. I think that anyone looking to do this should be able to figure out how to play a flac. We can put some links to codecs and players if need be.

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