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Thread: Procyon Rev2 Win7 x64 Driver Install

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    I didn't mention that I tried several drivers from:


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    If you did everything I said, it should work.

    If not, your choices are:
    • Use 32-bit Win7
    • Find a Rev3 Procyon
    • Upgrade to a more recent device like the Limina or Kasina that supports the latest Windows and MacOS.

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    Thanks for the reply, but I will not buy a third device. The provided steps doesn't fix the issue with the driver. Beside I don't have any 32 Bits Windows, my oldest is Windows 7 64 Bits but I can't have the driver ok. This is the computer I used many years ago to upgrade my Proteus.

    If someone else who read this could provide a solution, that would be great! I am sure that other users meet that same exact issue.

    The issue we have to fix is with the CP210x Universal Windows Driver. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bits so regarding the release note I am good.
    When I install it (I use the right click, run as administrator on the CP210xVCPInstaller_x64 script and next, I have the "Ready to use" status ).
    When I check the Device Manager, I expand the Ports (COM & LPT), I don't see any new line in there.
    If I add a legacy hardware, selecting manually select from a list, and then Ports (COM & LPT), I can see Silicon Labs in the Manufacturer list with a list of model on the right, I choose the UART Bridge version and in the end I obtain the error code 10 (This device cannot start).
    After that I have a new line in the Ports (COM & LPT) with the exclamation mark.

    At this point I tried the procedure below:

    1. Click on the windows icon to bring up the Start Menu
    2. Right-Click on Computer
    3. Click on Manage
    4. Click on Device Manager
    5. Right-Click on Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COMx)
    6. Click on Update Driver Software...
    7. Click on Browse my computer for driver software on the "Update Driver Software" Window
    8. Click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer on the next Window
    9. Click on Have Disk... on the "Select the device driver..." Window
    10. Click on Browse... on the "Install from Disk" Window
    11. Browse to Program Files (x86)\Silabs\MCU\CP210x (or wherever the drivers were installed) on the "Locate File" Window
    12. Click on slabvcp.inf
    13. Click Ok
    14. Click Ok on the "Install from Disk" Window
    15. Click Next on the "Select the device driver..." Window
    16. Click Yes at "Update Driver Warning" message
    17. Click Close when driver update completed.

    But this doesn't help.
    I cannot open a request on the Silicon Labs site because I am not a company member (it is required to create an account).
    You should handle that for us, your Customers.

    Thank you!
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    Also, another test done is to go to C:\Program Files\DIFX\B3D38A7124B3392E and right click on CP210xVCPInstaller_x64, Run as Administrator
    In the end I have the following error

    Capture new.PNG

    Ideally, have Silicon Labs work on their Driver to have one that can be installed, and make sure that the Procyon will be detected and recognized.

    Be sure that I love that device and I want to update the software and transfer some converted session picked from the Proteus sessions.

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