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Thread: Rev2 Procyon Driver for Win7 x64

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    Hi all,

    The majority of new "PCs" is shipping with Windows 7, and many of them with the 64Bit version.

    My new Procyon was one of two reasons (Adobe Framemaker being the other one...) why I bought a little Windoze box in addition to my Mac, since some folks still manage to ignore the world of the Apple... ;-)

    So I got my nifty little Acer Revo here with Win7x64 - and oooops, still no Procyon.
    NeuroProgrammer and MindWorkstation both have versions that work great with Win7, but the procyon drivers refuse to install, no matter if run natively or in some compatibility mode or whatever. Which, btw, is weird since there is a folder x64 in the installation package.

    Are there any news regarding the drivers?
    This product (Procyon) is still actively sold and on your website even announced as "new", so people might have the expectation it might work with current operating systems... ;-)

    Any advice?

    Kind regards
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    I just put up a how-to after discovering that there is a workable driver for the Rev2 Procyon.

    See here:

    Let me know if it works for you.


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    Thanks for that, Andy! - will test it during the next days and give you feedback. Actually in the meantime I found a similar tutorial on the website of the German dealer ( where I purchased the Procyon. The driver version they posted over there (made for Vista) seemed to work - I was even able to make a backup of the Procyon sessions. But anything else, like playing a session from within the session editor or trying to upload something, crashes with the good old BSOD. Hope the new driver version you discovered will fix this.

    Nice holidays and a happy new (PreSage?! ;-) ) year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElvenRanger View Post
    - will test it during the next days and give you feedback.
    err - well - sometimes feedback tends to be forgotten, esp. if things work... ;-)

    so, better late than never: your tutorial and the new driver solved the problem, my Procyon Rev 2 now works fine with Win 7 64 Bit. No bluescreens any more either.

    Thanks again for the help!

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