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Robert Austin

The Limina is here!

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The Limina is here!
The Limina replaces our Proteus and Procyon devices, and includes all the sessions from our Sirius and Procyon model, adapted to the Kasina Basic Session (KBS) format. Also due to the many requests weve been receiving for gamma sessions, there are a number of those included as well. About 100 sessions altogether.

KBS sessions are classic AVS sessions, with the audio consisting of binaural beats, Isochronic tones (multiple waveforms), and pink noise as options. It uses the same RGB GanzFrames as the Kasina, and is compatible with Kasina DeepVision as well. It can decode SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe signals played through the AUX audio input, and can connect to your computer via the included USB cable, allowing firmware updates and transfers of your own custom sessions into internal memory. And the compact LCD display is clear and easy to navigate.

The retail price will be $259 and if you decide to order one, and if you like it, please leave a kind review on Amazon! having good reviews really makes a big difference. And if there is anything you dont like about it, please let us know directly, so we can do the beat we can to correct it.

With thanks,
Robert & the MindPlace Team

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