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Robert Austin

DeepVision Ganzwear for Procyon are now available

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Hello, all--

We've just started shipping our new DeepVision glasses for the Procyon; these are basically identical to the Kasina version, except in that case, the LEDs on the right side are in opposite phase to those on the left.

Scott has been working on a batch of sessions intended for use with the DV, with intense visual imagery as the main goal. And in my experience with them, he's achieved that goal.

Though I tend to keep brightness at maximum settings when using our AVS systems, try starting out with a lower brightness level, then gradually increase it to suit your taste.

Both models are available now on, and will shortly be available as fulfilled by Amazon. Retail price is $99, with free shipping within the Continental USA when you order from


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  1. Calm's Avatar
    I just ordered a DV set for my Procyon but reading about the Bright version I am wondering if they are going to work as I have the earlier version with the rectangular connector. I am not finding any commitment either way so I am hoping that has been taken into consideration.
  2. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Hello, Calm - The DeepVision for Procyon uses our current, 3.5mm TRRS plug, and we are not planning to make a version for the rectangular plug (Procyon rev. 1 and 2) versions. Our apologies for that. We stopped using that connector 5 years ago, because it was keyed for one insertion direction, and tended to break if the GanzFrames were jammed into the jack the wrong way. If you'd like to upgrade your Procyon console to the current revision (4), you can do so by contacting The cost is $75, free shipping in the Continental USA. If you are not able to do this, then I would suggest either returning the DeepVision for a full refund, or asking Andy (our site admin) for the wiring diagram to make your own. Again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.