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DIY GanzGoggles

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Here is a set of DIY GanzGoggles made from the Kasina light strips. We are offering these light strips for sale for Kasina and Procyon. Contact for details.

It is a very easy build and the strip fits perfectly. You get the added benefit of an adjustable strap and foam padding around the eyes. They are very comfortable. There are air holes on each side too.

These are the googles from Amazon The Arc One company has several other cool styles of goggles available as well.

The build is similar to the sleep mask I show on YouTube.

Use an Xacto knife to cut small slits in the foam padding. Separate a small section on the bottom so the strip will fit in. Then just slide in the strip and use the glue to hold it down. I used flat latex paint to 'black out' lens. Secure the edge of the strip with electrical tape to protect the wires. The foam padding provides a nice raised surface that the cable lays next to so it can exit from the frames without being in your way.

Overall very easy to do and a nice set of light glasses.

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  1. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Well done, Scott!

    The DIY LED Strips are $21 each, and includes the cable. Get them here!

  2. MountainSufi's Avatar
    I bought 2 sets of LED strips from MindPlace, 2 goggles, and two 3 way TRRS splitters from Amazon. Now I can demo the Kasina to 3 people together simultaneously. Important, as I've just become an Approved Affiliate. I also like the fact I'm less likely to go to sleep and roll over breaking the stock Ganz frames. Goggles with foam edging and painted lenses also cut down on ambient light; no need to have a darkened room.

    Additional Construction Notes:
    * I used a hot glue gun to affix the LED strips; quick & easy. If you don't trust yourself to correct positioning using this rapidly drying glue, I suppose you could use double sided sticky foam tape.
    * Since the cord is weakly soldered to the LED strip, I made a loop UP from the strip, and then exited DOWN through the foam gap at bottom left side of the goggles. I used a tab of the super strong "Gorilla" brand duct tape to hold the cord firmly in place. This gives a bit of slop to the cord should it get yanked.

    This project was easy, quick and cost less than 2 pair of GanzGlasses.

    Thankx Scott!!!