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Audacity Mind Machine Suite

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I have uploaded the first release of the Audacity Mind Machine Suite to Github here:

This is a set of plugins, effect chains, and equalization presets to create mind machine sessions including AudioStrobe and SpectraStrobe, binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic entrainment tracks.

With the effect Chains in Audacity you can edit light tracks in a number of ways including stripping them out, doing color conversions, converting AudioStrobe to SpectraStrobe etc.

The documentation is slim at the moment but will be expanded. Really videos are needed for fuller explanations. There are a couple up already on the MindPlace YouTube channel.

I am moving a lot of projects to this Github account so the latest releases can always be available and changes noted.


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  1. Andy's Avatar
    If you're looking for the SS Ref Autopan plugin that's used in the tutorial, it looks like Panning (LFO) 2a will work.
    See thread here.
  2. Cymatic's Avatar
    Just so everyone is aware, the instructions for the Audacity plug-ins are now out-of-date and don't work on the latest versions of Audacity. I've added an issue to Github with the updated instructions here
  3. happytime's Avatar
    Any update on this project?