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Ganzframes Open Eye Cutout Template

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Based on the ideas from the post: for the Kasina and new Procyon frames...

Attached is a template for you to print and cutout a simple cover for your Ganzframes which will allow you to view them with eyes open. This should work for Procyon, Proteus, last revision Sirius and the extra color frames we sell. Basically, all the ones with purple frames.

It is not quite as smooth as our upcoming eye open glasses but is fun and easy. Note that this template is designed to allow a little outward curl on the bottom inner corner of the lens on each eye. (towards the nose piece) This helps hold the screen in place more securely.

It took me a while to get all the dimensions right and that's enough for one day. I'll add patterns for new templates soon.

The PDFs are able to be opened and edited in Illustrator if you want to add your own patterns.

Please share your experiences and ideas.

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