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Kasina Open Eye Cutout Templates and Fun Patterns

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A simple method to use the Kasina glasses with your eyes open is to cut out paper inserts and place them over the LEDs. The spread is not perfectly smooth and the overall effect doesn't compare to true eye open glasses (forthcoming from MindPlace). However, it is fun and easy to do.

The first attachment provides a template that you can cut out. There is a notch on the left lens to allow it to slip under wiring cover. They fit the lens fairly tight. Four groups are on one sheet so you can have extras as needed. Experiment with different paper thickness for the best effect.

Also, you can experiment with different patterns. The second template has four example patterns. Who knows what can be done with this. It is an unexplored realm. Maybe even affirmation words could be good.

Update: There is a third pattern set added. This time with some sacred geometry. BTW, for people with graphic art skills the PDFs are able to opened and edited in Illustrator if you want to add some of your own patterns. But please share them.

Update2: New pattern set added with the 4 top chakra glyphs. Thanks to for the vector artwork.

Based on discussion here:

Please share your results and ideas.
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Updated 11-20-2014 at 11:26 AM by neuroasis

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  1. neuroasis's Avatar
    I added another pattern set...
  2. neuroasis's Avatar
    4 top chakra patterns added.
  3. Moonchild's Avatar
    They look amazing!!!
    Cannot wait to try them. Thanks for going to all that effort.
  4. Moonchild's Avatar
    Here I go looking thick again
    I simply clicked on the links on my ipad yesterday and saw the shapes instantly.

    Today I wanted to print them off but when I click on them on my desk top they are a mass of code
    What am I doing wrong?
  5. neuroasis's Avatar
    Maybe the computer you are using doesn't have a PDF viewer application installed like Adobe Acrobat? Try this download link: . Let me know if this helps and I hope you enjoy some of the shapes. I think the ones in the first set are the most interesting in how they affect the lights.

  6. Jameth's Avatar
    Just a friendly reminder, when printing these, make sure you set your print options to "Print Actual Size".

    My first print was just a little shrunk down with the default settings (just enough it didn't quite stay in place), telling it to print "Actual Size" fixed it.
  7. neuroasis's Avatar
    Maybe default printer settings are adding borders? Thanks for the tip!