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AVS Color Illusions

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Combinations of LED lights in AVS do not always create the colors that you expect them to. For certain colors in fact like dark purples, sky blues and light yellows, you have to rely on these illusions.

Here is a test file: Blue Illusion

The Green LED is on the whole time at full brightness. The Red LED flashes changing patterns. The amazing thing about this session is that you actually see very little green. Only in the slowest changes, like at the beginning. Otherwise you have (at least I do) a strong impression of sky blue as the complement color. The Blue LED is not on at any time.

In the faster transitions there is a strong impression of light yellow as well as some oranges.

Overall it is a pretty colorful display, while only using 2 LEDs with only 1 flickering.

Do you see the same colors? Weird, huh?

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  1. neuroasis's Avatar
    BTW, this is a perception test, so I would appreciate it if you report the colors you see. One can't always be sure that what they see is also what others see. It would be helpful in creating sessions to know if this type of color perception illusion is common.
  2. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Interesting effect, Scott... this 'blue illusion' worked best for me when the red lights were flashing more rapidly and at a dimmer session, kicking in at around 4 minutes. I could perceive it during the 'red off' phases at slower frequencies, while at times, especially early on, red was clearly noticeable. Could be that it took my eyes a while to accommodate to the effect. This effect could be useful also for Proteus owners who would like to add blue without buying a more expensive Procyon or Kasina...
  3. neuroasis's Avatar
    Right, on the red off (complement color). It is a triangular wave that seems to be the key to creating this effect. This gives a lot of edge blending. So it may be that the Proteus can't reproduce it having only a square for light modulation. It could with AudioStrobe of course.

    Still I am surprised by the scarcity of green throughout. It may be that our perception tends to filter out the unchanging LED. I will test if I can reproduce it on the Proteus and then Procyon.