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Robert Austin

Complete series "Megabrain Report" now available

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We're pleased to announce that the complete run of the seminal 1990s journal "Megabrain Report" is now available for viewing and download from These issues were edited, and featured regular contributions by Michael Hutchison, whose earlier book "Megabrain" spurred the rapid growth of innovation and public interest in the mind-technology field. The articles and essays contained in these issues were authored by key figures of the time, often Ph.D. clinicians and researchers, and ranged from audio-visual and cranial-electrical stimulation to smart drugs, neurofeedback, etc. They comprise a record of the first 'renaissance' of neurotechologies, and provide a richly elaborated background for our Youtube videos from our 1992 Neurotechnology Forums, which featured Dr.'s Tom Budzynski, Len Ochs, Larry Paros, Stephen LaBerge and Julian Isaacs, as well as the legendary 'Awakened Mind' educator and visionary, Anna Wise.

Many thanks to our Forum member Robinhood for providing us with PDFs of his scans from his personal collection, and to Neuroasis for cleaning and otherwise preparing them for presentation on our site.

MindPlace acquired the publication rights to this series some years ago, and we're happy to provide them to our community, at no cost, for personal non-commercial use.


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  1. TomC's Avatar

    Many thanks for providing this wealth of historic avs information. I look forward to reading all of this (probably going to take a while, lol!).

    Thanks also to forum menbers (including MP guys) who helped provide a complete and clear copy of these.

    Really shows you get a lot of extra value buying a MP avs machine and participating in this forum imho.
  2. Izzy's Avatar
    Hello Robert,

    I tried to follow your link but it said "Oops page not found"...
    Could you check this link please?
    Thank you.

  3. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Hi, Izzy--looks like this link was missed when our support site was re-created last year... link on the main page, or this will take you there: