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Robert Austin

Kasina review on 'The Unearthly Hour'

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Heads up - nice new video review on youtube:

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Updated 05-09-2014 at 10:43 AM by Robert Austin (youtube link changed)



  1. Carie373's Avatar
  2. Thalassa's Avatar
    Hi Robert tryed to watch the video on youtube but says This is a private video
    Cheers Esthy
  3. Carie373's Avatar
    Hi Esthy, I've just re-uploaded it :-) Try this link:

    Carrie :-)
  4. TomC's Avatar
    Very nice review but I think that the light patterns shown are a little over-stated. Either that, or maybe I need some of what Carrie is taking. Just kidding, lol!
  5. Thalassa's Avatar
    Thank You Robert Its working now!
  6. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Thanks again, Carrie for this video review!

    TomC, you know... it can be a bit tricky, trying to re-create on video the sort of visuals most of us see during flicker stimulation. I say 'most of us' because a small number of users report that they see no visual imagery at all.

    There are two main sorts of imagery that the rest of us 'see' in our mind's eye: those related to the flickering light, which tend to be geometric forms in motion, and the hypnagogic imagery which joins or replaces them as we approach the edge of sleep. That's when faces start to appear, and unfolding dream scenarios start to unfurl, and one of the goals for the session is often to keep you in this special place for as long as possible.

  7. neuroasis's Avatar
    Great review video Carrie!

    It is impossible to say what any given person will see during an AVS session. A lot depends upon your ability to visualize and your 'mental inventory' of images. For instance, I have done a lot of work with computer graphics and animation, i.e. fractals, mandalas, sacred geometry, etc. So it is very easy for me to visualize these things during a session. I find that the less I 'try to see' (surface perception), the more I 'do see' (depth perception).

    I believe that people can enhance their AVS visualization by watching animations like the Four Elements DVD from MindPlace or the huge number of trippy videos on YouTube. For some people it would require a little more work than for others.

    Again, Carrie, awesome job!

  8. synaesthesia's Avatar
    A great review - hats off to them !