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NeuroProgrammer and Mind Workstation - Export to Kasina

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NP3 and Mind Workstation support a seamless preview and export experience when used along with the Kasina.

When your Kasina is plugged in you will notice new buttons added to their interfaces. Play on Kasina and Upload to Kasina. When you choose Play on Kasina the session will pipe directly to the Kasina by USB regardless of your Windows sound settings. You can then easily play through your computer speakers using the regular play button or through the Kasina with the dedicated button. Awesome!

You can also automatically compile your NP3 or MWS session and copy it directly to the Kasina SD card for untethered playback using Upload to Kasina. Again Awesome!

One thing worth realizing as noted by TomC is that NP3 and MWS create new folders on the Kasina SD card under the Sessions directory to store compiled sessions. Respectively, MWS Sessions and NP3 Sessions. As the Kasina screen holds 6 items at one time and from the factory this first page list is full, you must scroll down using the navigation wheel to see these folders.

So it you can't immediately find the location where Transparent apps store files on the Kasina, scroll down....

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  1. neuroasis's Avatar
    Also, I want to mention a little trick discovered by TomC for NeuroProgrammer.

    If the session that you open from the Session List has AudioStrobe, and you have the Kasina AVS device selected as the sound output in NP3, then if you push the main Play button, it will play AudioStrobe out to the Kasina. If you select the Play on Kasina button (labelled Kasina beneath the Play button) then it will play SpectraStrobe to the Kasina.

    In this case there are 2 different audio pipes as far as NP3 is concerned. One for AudioStrobe and one for SpectraStrobe. More explanation (probably a video walkthrough) is needed for this.

    Kinda strange, but useful.