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Robert Austin

Introducing the MindPlace Environmental Lighting System

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Imagine using your Procyon or Kasina to turn an entire wall, ceiling, chill room into an open-eyes full color mind machine... or having several people simultaneously share the brightest 'eyes-closed' experience imaginable. Well, now you can do that with our new MindPlace Environmental Lighting System (MELS). We have one set up in our office, and it's most impressive.

It consists of a custom-designed, 72 watt power supply and a high powered RGB LED array, plus required connecting cables. The LED array features 18 Edison-style 3 watt RGB LEDs in a rugged aluminum frame/heat sink, and the LEDs are sealed behing tempered glass. They are rated at a 50,000 hour life, so you should have many years of experiences with this kit.

If you're interested, you can find it in the 'light and sound' category on

Note: when using with the Kasina, the array is driven by signals from the left side of the GanzFrames.


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  1. Psymatic's Avatar
    This invention is awesome! It be great to see a video of it in action.
    Will this work with spectrastrobe mode on the kasina? Also can you hook up two of these to get a left and right alternating patern session to work? How does this connect to the kasina?
  2. Robert Austin's Avatar
    That's a good idea! Fortunately our German dealer has such a video up--check this out:

    It connects to Kasina using a standard 4 conductor cable (included). We are investigating what would be required to have Kasina drive 2 of them for left/right control... basically, the LEDs in the right side of the Kasina GanzFrames are in opposite polarity to the left. Our Dutch distributor developed the power supply and has sold several systems to spas in Holland...
  3. gooose's Avatar
    Hi! I'm not new to AVS but I am new to kasina. It seems like it's impossible to get a hold of the MELS and it looks like it's discontinued. Was wondering if there is any way to get a hold of one of these or if somebody has an open source DIY solution that they have come across or made? Thanks!