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Procyon Diet and Exercise

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One of our regular Forum users - SteveMod, wrote a post where he talked about how he used the Procyon for weight loss. Below is his response to what programs he used and how he did this. I'm so pleased that he shared this information with all of us. Thank you Steve.

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Thanks Andy, thanks Marisa.

The programs I used varied but the ones that worked best for my needs were :

I relied heavily on the Peak Performance programs. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
The Mind Sauna was used on off days to recharge for the next days workouts. I say workouts (plural) because I split lifting and cardio into two different workouts (on paper). Athletic warmup was used everyday.

I used 39, Middle Mind Centering to assist in ignoring hunger pains. The stomach is an intense organ, it's like a child that fights for your attention and like a child has to be ignored sometimes when it's acting up. Yes, the stomach has to shrink and it will actually cause pain coupled with an intense hunger and this is the whole reason most people fail to succeed when attempting to diet. For this reason the Procyon is such an important tool in exchanging bad habits for good ones. Centering the middle mind gives a person a huge edge when dealing with this most basic survival instinct that just needs you to control it instead of it controling you.

The Quick Energy programs (mostly 28) were also an invaluable tool, a lot of times combined with 10, Athletic Warmup.

After that it was a lot of usual programs for night time, pre-sleep, relaxation, and escape that all played a role ( and still do) in the most important rest period of the day. I am however, still trying to understand how melatonin levels are going to play a role and trying to tweak those levels via AVS. As everyone knows though, this can be a complicated study and possibly out of my reach, I'll keep everyone posted.

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  1. Moonchild's Avatar
    That's very interesting. I have the Proteus...are the sessions different on that?
  2. Andy's Avatar
    On the Proteus:
    Peak Performance sessions are 1-6.
    (Quick) Energy is 38-42.
    5 is Athletic Warmup.
  3. Moonchild's Avatar
    Thanks very much Andy. I have taken note of that.
    What programme would be similar to the "middle mind centering" he used to control hunger pangs?