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You've Got to Start Somewhere

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The first post of a blog is always the hardest. You want to grab your reader's attention, make them want to put aside all the distractions in their busy lives and peruse your every keystroke. You set a theme and a tone. You make promises for future wonders that will pop from the font of wisdom. You have tweaked your layout and template, picked the perfect domain name, maybe signed up to affiliate programs and ad networks, made empty (but soon to be bustling) categories, found some notable blogroll links, and promised yourself that this time...despite past neglects...this time the muse will grace you with in-depth insight and a flurry of florid phrases with flow that will simply amaze.

Been there...done that...not gonna again.

Andy and the crew at Mindplace have been gracious enough to provide some space on the forum for what I wish to consider as a travel log. You see, my life's path has lead to this curious place between natural magic and technological enhancement. Others have called it Technoshamanism...and that seems about right.

I think of this space as the Neuroasis. For it is only the smallest of letters, the hair's breadth, the breath of the spirit, the foolishness to try and obstinacy of an ox...the humble 'a'...alpha... the beginning.. which separates it from the gray area of instability...the neurosis. It is calculated eccentricity, intensity and intent, surfing the growth curve, stretching the seams and creating meaning from the minuscule talent that time has unwinded.

To the point, at this stage I am engaged in several projects using Audio Visual Stimulation. Specifically, I am digging into the possibilities with Mindplace products: the Procyon, Thoughtstream, the Sirius, Mental Games, Audiostrobe and so on. That is why I say this is a travel log. For I wish to detail out the sites (and sights) of this journey and learn from many new faces and ways of doing things. I have no particular interest in an insistence on certainty. For it is an exploration that thrives on options and every point of view adds hue and texture to the larger picture.

So chime in and chide me, or ante your two cents with your experiences. We few are explorers with a heart for the uncharted and because your interest brings you here, we have more in common than not.

So that is my first post... the barrier has been breached... and actually that wasn't so hard.

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  1. Marisa's Avatar
    Nice to have you aboard. :-) I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

  2. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Welcome aboard, Neuroasis! Delighted to have you blogging, and you're encouraging me to polish up my rusty writing skills. Would love to see any especially interesting sessions you've created, discussions of experiences you've had, etc.