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Synchromuse Session for Sleep Induction

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Hello all,
In response to a request from Ryan I have created a 60 minute sleep induction session using MindWorkstation Enterprise from Transparent Corp. I have added a Synchromuse program as well for Procyon users. For Sirius or Proteus there is a standard AudioStrobe track in the audio. The file is 103Mb because it is a 60 min high bitrate mp3. There is a zip archive that contains the audio and the Procyon session files. Load the session file to your Procyon and put it into dL2 or dAS mode and play the audio from your computer or mp3 player. It should automatically trigger the session to play.

I have added an mp3 to SoundCloud that triggers Synchromuse from my computer but not from my mp3 player Maybe the mp3 playback engine is still filtering higher frequencies. I would appreciate if others would test this out and let me know if works for them.
The FLAC file is still available from the link below. If you don't want to download that archive, I have attached the session files to the bottom of this post.

The zip archive is here: . Right click on the link and choose Save As... It will be added it to the SoundCloud account sometime soon.

Let me briefly describe what is going on with this session as there are several new theories that I am pursuing.

There is a lot of power in audio. Mostly meditation audio seeks to become 'wallpaper', to be soothing and non-challenging. This makes a great deal of sense if the goal is to bliss out. This type of audio leaves room for the mind to wander as it leaves space for stray thoughts. This is almost always a good thing and I live on that type of music.

However, another type of meditation audio can be deliberately challenging at moments. I find that people do not usually tolerate high pitches very well. Because they act as slight irritants they are good for creating contrast or what I have begun to think of as 'thought-stopping' techniques.

Ryan's request centered around the trouble that he has sleeping due to chronic pain from a spinal injury. I had a serious injury earlier in my life that required a couple of surgeries, weeks in 'traction' and nearly a year of recovery. So recalling that I can relate to overwhelming pain. The point is that pain takes center stage in our attention. The goal of any type of pain medication is to dull it to a tolerable level so that it doesn't completely override all of our other thoughts.

It is not wholly different when trying to meditate. One of the biggest challenges is to quiet our active thoughts. The more we try to reign in stray thoughts, the harder it is. Also, we become very aware of random sensations in our body. The slightest itch or pressure can be amplified to ridiculous levels. Therefore in both cases a thought stopping technique is a good thing.

The interesting thing about thoughts (and pain) is that often we sense them as being continuous. This may not be exactly true. When we pay close attention we see that they occur in waves. Of course I can only speak for my own perception. Pain is the same way. It occurs in waves. We all know the experience of throbbing.

So part of the strategy is to recognize the peaks and valleys of the waves. When we find the 'spaces' in between then we can seek to stretch the distance between them or apply counter rhythms to dampen them.

In the audio session I have included a high continuous tone in the beginning that breaks up and fades over time. It is prominent so it commands your attention. Ride it all the way out and you will be rewarded.

The main frequencies of the track are in the sub-delta range. Google what research shows this is useful for as we can make no medical claims. The channels start with dissociative alpha frequencies and ramp quickly down to placate the chattering left brain while the right brain is activated.

Toward the middle and end of the track it dissolves to pure white noise so as not to require any further attention.

The Synchromuse shows a really wide ranging palette of subtle and beautiful colors, thanks to the slow frequencies. They are extremely soothing and catnaps in and out create nice, pleasant imagery. This is a deep track. No need to hold on to the end. Just let yourself drift away...

As always feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Ryan, I hope this helps you. Please share your results.

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Updated 01-19-2015 at 11:28 AM by neuroasis (Addded Soundccloud file and session archive)

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  1. neuroasis's Avatar
    Replacing file with FLAC version. The original MP3 file was unreliable to trigger. Synchromuse headers are easily corrupted by compression. The download size is bigger now. 289Mb.
  2. neuroasis's Avatar
    This software works well on Windows if you need codecs for FLAC. Will play in Windows Media Player.
  3. Feebo's Avatar
    WOW. That really does sound good! Having been a user of the light and sound machines for a good few years now what you say above made perfect sense. It probably wouldn't have before I'd had certain experiences with my Proteus and Procyon. It's difficult to put into words but you certainly manage it! I'm just on my way out right now but dude..... We need to talk!! lol If I can soak up a little of your knowledge on the creation process, or more likely actually just the understanding of 'why' before 'how' if you see what I mean. I could certainly put that knowledge to good use. Wifey telling me off now lol gtg
  4. Feebo's Avatar
    Ok I'm a bit lost here. I've got the editing software sorted but my unzipper is telling me the file (the first one you posted) is empty or currupted......
  5. neuroasis's Avatar
    I just downloaded and extracted the archive... no problems at all. I tried by WinRar and Windows Explorer. The file should be named and should be 289MB in size. It contains 3 files... Sleep Cycle.flac... Sleep Cycle.PRh... Sleep Cycle.PRw.

    Load Sleep Cycle.PRw into the Procyon editor by choosing the File menu and Open Session File. Send it to the Procyon by choosing the Session Tools menu... Upload Session to Procyon.. from the window that pops up choose Append If Possible.

    The session is then saved to the Procyon. All you have to do from now is put the Procyon in dAS mode by pushing the middle button 4 times. The display reads dAS. Play the audio file... Sleep Cycle.flac in Windows Media Player (or another media player that can play flac files). The blip at the beginning of the audio will trigger the session you loaded to the Procyon to play.
  6. neuroasis's Avatar
    Also you must have an audio cable connected from the computer (or digital media device that will play FLAC) to the Procyon AUX connector. The sound file must play through the Procyon.
  7. Feebo's Avatar
    Ah. That explains it then. I was trying to just upload it as a normal session. Not sure I can access it then because I don't have the audio cable or digital audio device. Hmmm... Is it not a "normal" lights and binaural beats type deal then?
  8. Robert Austin's Avatar
    You can use the audio patch cable which came with your Procyon/Proteus, and connect it to the audio output of your computer, if you don't have an iPod or other such player. Then fire up Windows Media player or iTunes or whatever software you use to play music on your system. :-)
  9. Feebo's Avatar
    Ooooooh I seeeeee..... lol I have no idea where my patch cable is. That's the one with the phono plug on both ends isn't it... I do have an Ipod, I was having a bit of a tired confused moment yesterday. So I need to get that file onto my itunes library basically... I'll see what I can dp and report back Thanks for the help
  10. Feebo's Avatar
    Hmm.... My Windows media player says it can't play it. I'm trying to play the "Sleepstage" files.....
  11. neuroasis's Avatar
    See comment #2 for codecs.
  12. Feebo's Avatar
    Oh I did install that package, still no joy. Unless there was something specific I was supposed to do once it was installed? I just keep getting a "can't read file" notice unfortunatelu......
  13. neuroasis's Avatar
    Nope. Just running the installer should register the DirectShow codecs.

    Not sure what could be wrong. I have used those codecs for a long while on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with no issues. They allow FLAC files and Ogg Vorbis to play in Windows Media Player without issue. You are playing the Sleep Cycle.flac I suppose.

    Anyway, I have figured out new settings on the LAME encoder that keep the Synchromuse header intact and have made an mp3 that will be added to SoundCloud when Robert gets a chance.
  14. Feebo's Avatar
    Cool thanks In the mean time I'll address the problem with as clear a head as I get again as soon as crimbo is over. I'm going to be learning a load more about the programming side of things anyway in the new year so as to hopefully make my own aswell. I love my Procyon and I can hardly imagine how much better things could be if I were to be able to make my own programs
    Thanks for your time though dude, perfect start to my learning a bit more that
  15. Feebo's Avatar
    That's interesting, I've just downloaded a few sessions from the cloud without issue, but when it comes to trying to play them in Windows media player or uploading them to my Procyon I grind to a halt. "File not recognised" or "invalid file" again. This must be the same problem as I'm having with downloading and using the original file. It's just a shame my computer isn't telling me a little more about the problem....

    I've looked into the problem as far as I know how to anyway. As far as I can deduce, the problem is the file type. I can't check the file suitability because it is named as "file" and that's it. I think that may be confusing the media player. It seems that way anyway lol Does that make any sense?
    Updated 12-29-2011 at 01:09 AM by Feebo
  16. neuroasis's Avatar
    Something is wrong with the archive extractor you have or the files are being downloaded incorrectly... They definitely should not be name simply 'file'. Reference the actual files names in the comment above.
  17. Feebo's Avatar
    Sorry I meant the file TYPE. That's what say's just "file" I've downloaded from the cloud simply by right clicking and choosing save. Then putting it into my dowloads or documents bit on my laptop. When I navigate to the file and attempt to open it using Windows media player (and a few other things I've tried) it's then that my computer declares these files as "potentially corrupt" "invalid" and/or unsupported. I really hope I can figure this out somehow, I was really looking forward to getting started
  18. neuroasis's Avatar
    When you right click on the original link above does it save the file as
  19. Feebo's Avatar
    Nope, it's saving it as the name of the link "Elwamg7O" What does that tell you then?
  20. neuroasis's Avatar
    You aren't getting to the .zip file... Mouse over the link and right click with your mouse button.. If using Internet Explorer choose, Save Target As... , if Firefox or Chrome, Save Link As, in Safari (just to be thorough) Download Linked File As... A new dialog window should pop up that asks you where you want to save the file

    Also, the mp3 and session files are added to post above. Choose the down pointing arrown on the sound player to download the file. Then click on the attachments at the bottom to get the zipped session files.
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