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Robert Austin

Larry Paros at the NTF

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I'm in process of posting another video lecture from the 1992 Neurotechnology Forum on Youtube (in four parts, as usual), this time by Dr. Larry Paros. In his talk, Larry discusses various applications for Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES), a technology which sends tiny pulses of electricity through the brain, apparently causing shifts in aspects of neuronal and cognitive functions.

Taken together, this series of lectures provides an excellent snapshot and time capsule of what the burgeoning field of 'Neurotechnology' promised at that time, when interest in the field--and the idea that there was such a 'field'--had been stimulated in part by Michael Hutchison's bestselling book, ?Megabrain.? This series is a must-view for anyone seriously interested in the range of technologies which can cause positive shifts in our 'normal,' daily states of consciousness. You can view the entire series here:

The usual caveat: no medical claims of any sort are being made by The MindPlace Company; this posting is of educational and historical interest only.

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