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Robert Austin

Biosensor Tattoos?

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A paper in the 8/12/2011 issue of Science magazine describes essentially a breakthrough technology for biosensors. According to the piece, all of the necessary components of the devices, including electrodes, electronic components, sensors, radio frequency communication components and power supplies, are set within an extremely thin (about 30 micron) elastic polyester sheet. The sheet is flexible, and weighs less than a tenth of a gram. It's lightweight and stretchable.

A key component of this technology is the use of nanoribbon and micro/nanomembrane elements to allow extremely small but flexible designs.

It can be applied as a temporary tattoo, and can be used to measure heartbeats (ECG), EMG, and alpha EEG on the forehead.

I think it is safe to say that this development will revolutionize the field of biofeedback, among others.

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