• Lux BWEI - Audiostrobe VST Plug-In for Windows Is Now Available

    The Lux Brainwave Entrainment Instrument is now available for download!

    Lux is a VST instrument that should work in any Windows-based, 32-bit host.

    It is a full-featured environment for composing brainwave entrainment sessions for audiostrobe-capable light and sound machines, such as the Mindplace Procyon & Proteus.
    Its various modules give you the power to create different kinds of entrainment stimuli:

    • Light tracks for LED goggles, with independent control over left and right channels, and the ability to trigger LEDs with MIDI
    • Binaural beats which can be assigned to any pitch manually or played via MIDI
    • A white & pink noise generator
    • Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs, or "choppers") that can create isochronic tones from a loaded WAV file, Audio Input, Noise, or the Binaural Beat channel as a source.

    Lux was designed to be used within a multitrack DAW system, such as Reaper (recommended), Cubase, or Ableton Live. Each of its sound generating modules can be output to its own stereo channel. This allows you to create sessions which use multiple types of entrainment stimuli and can be post-processed within the DAW for final mixdown and mastering. Nearly all of its parameters can be automated from within your DAW, and there is an extensive modulation matrix for controlling parameters over time.

    Lux should be compatible with any version of Windows, but will only run in 32-bit mode. To install, simply download the Lux.zip file and extract it to your computer's default VST Plugins directory. Be sure to read the license and the manual.

    Most VST hosts (DAWs) will automatically scan the VST folder on startup, and you should be able to load Lux onto an instrument channel immediately. Otherwise, you may need to initiate a VST scan yourself. Check your DAW's manual if you're not sure how.

    See Original Post (link below) to download.

    Please take Lux for a spin and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

    -Steve Duell
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