• Adding Music from SoundCloud to your Apple Device

    How to add Music from SoundCloud to your Apple Device

    Go to the MindPlace SoundCloud account.

    The MindPlace SoundCloud account is at http://soundcloud.com/mindplace . There are several free AudioStrobe tracks there for you to download.

    Preview the music tracks.

    SoundCloud lets you play the tracks so that you can get an idea of which ones you like. Press the play button to listen.
    However, these are not the full quality files. SoundCloud reduces the quality so the files will play fast. You will need to download the track for full quality.

    Download the track.

    At the top of the player on each track there is a Download button. Click this and a popup will come up that tells you the format and size of the download as well as giving you the actual Download button. Click the Download button to save the file.

    Choice #1: Open with.

    After clicking the download button a Windows dialog will come up asking how you want to process the file. If iTunes is set as your default music player you will have the option here of opening it directly in iTunes. This will download the file and open it with iTunes automatically.

    Choice #2: Save File.

    If iTunes is not your default music player or you would rather save the file to a location on your hard drive and then open it, choose the option Save File. This downloads the file to a folder and you will need to find the file and open it manually afterwards. Click the OK button after you have made your choice.

    Find File You've Downloaded.

    The default location for files saved from the internet is the Downloads folder. Find this folder on your computer and the file you saved will be there. If you have downloaded it to another folder, find and open that folder.

    Find the music file in the iTunes library.

    If you selected Choice #1 then the music file will have automatically opened in the iTunes library and will most likely be selected and playing.
    If you selected Choice #2 then go the File Menu and select Add File to Library. Browse to the folder where you downloaded the file, pick the music file and add it to the library. It will open and be selected in iTunes.

    Select your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

    Your Apple device will be listed in the left sidebar of iTunes under the heading Devices. Select the first entry which shows up as the 'name' of your device.

    If needed read the iTunes help file.

    Choice #1: Sync by playlist.

    Choose the Summary tab at the top to get the options for your device. If you wish to sync by playlist check the boxes shown below.

    Apply the settings.

    If you change options settings you must apply them by clicking the Apply button. A message box may come up that warns you that files could be erased.

    Create a new playlist.

    Create a new playlist that will hold only the music files that you wish to add to your device. Under the File menu select New Playlist.

    Note the name of the playlist.

    Name the new playlist with an identifier that you can recognize. For instance, 'iPhone' if your device is an iPhone.

    Add music file to playlist.

    Go back to the music file in your library and be sure that it is highlighted. Right click the track name and choose Add to Playlist from the menu. A submenu will contain the playlist you have created. Select it and the track entry will be added to the playlist. You can also select and drag the track over to the playlist name on the left sidebar to add the track.

    Select the playlist to sync to your device.

    Return to the screen for your Apple device by selecting its name in the sidebar.
    The settings should match the following:

    1. Music tab selected.
    2. Sync Music checkbox selected.
    3. Radio button 'Selected playlists, artist, albums and genres' selected.
    4. The playlist that you created earlier has the checkbox beside it selected.

    Sync the selected files with your device.

    Once the settings are correct press the Apply button if needed. Then select the Sync button and the music file will be copied to your device. It will be available in the iPod app on your device. The previous steps are recommended if you will be adding many files to your device. The playlist helps keep track of the list of files on your device.

    Option to manually manage music files.

    For quicker transfer for only a few files you can manage them manually. On the Summary screen for your device settings check the 'Manually manage music and videos' checkbox. Match the settings as below. Hit the Apply button as necessary.

    Drag file to your device to transfer automatically.

    Now you can simply drag the files from the Library to your device. Select the track(s) you want to add and drag them to your device name on the left sidebar. They will copy over and be available to the iPod player app.

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