• The 6month challenge

    Hello this is my first post here, I had originally decided to go ahead with my challenge/plan without ever coming here but due to somethings taking longer than expected and my friend recommending this place. I have decided to share my challenge/plan here, and maybe gain some input from those more experienced / knowledgable than myself. Basically my challenge/plan is to go 6months to see how far you can actually increase intelligence and overall wellbeing.
    I have 3 main parts to this, the first is nutrition, the second is exercise and the third is my proteus. The nutrition involves smaller meals more often with the help of a nutritionist friend of mine. Along with alot of supplements and vitamins (no nootropics just normal supplements and vitamins) stuff such as pharmaceutical grade omega3 (400/200 dha/epa ratio) greens + wildberry supplement (to make sure im getting all the recommended green servings) and a whole lot more. The exercise involves both body and mind. I have been going to the gym regularly for the past month and a half to get myself aquainted with all the machines and kind of ween my body into the exercises and evrythign else I will be doing at hte gym. Aswell as swimming. The mind exercises involve such exercises from the 'einstein factor' and a massive problem solving book to 'boost brain power'. THe light and sound machine is where I need some guidance. At hte moment I have the proteus with the green/red sunglasses , but from what I have read on some studies some of the other colours are more helpful to my purpose. At the moment my goal is to increase ability to learn and remember (academic stuff). I read one study which used alpha waves 5 times a week and it increased academic GPA slightly, SO I was thinking along hte lines of this aswell as using the sessions p17-p27 for different tasks such as studying or breaks. One last thing is proper sleeping habits. I am a uni student so I have really unsociable sleeping habits which I believe impacts on my mental performance and my overall being. Fortunately I have 4 days off a week so sticking to this routine is a little easier. I do plan to document it all via video, pics and stats based on my progress in different areas aswell as comparisons from one semester to another.(I did hte best I could last semester and received distinction averages so I want to see if with the help of this if it is able to be improved) Unfortunately I dont have an EEG so I cant take before readings of my daily alpha levels and other levels. So I am going to go by video journals of how im feeling / general diary stuff. Are any of the more experienced users of light and sound able to help/guide me in anyway as to what I should/could do with my light and sound machine. I am open to anything, thank you!!
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