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  1. The Limina is here!

    The Limina is here!
    The Limina replaces our Proteus and Procyon devices, and includes all the sessions from our Sirius and Procyon model, adapted to the Kasina Basic Session (KBS) format. Also due to the many requests weve been receiving for gamma sessions, there are a number of those included as well. About 100 sessions altogether.

    KBS sessions are classic AVS sessions, with the audio consisting of binaural beats, Isochronic tones (multiple waveforms), and pink noise as ...
  2. The Neurotechnology Forum

    Back in 1992, we (or rather, our former company, Synetic Systems) hosted a day-long conference dedicated to the subject of neurotechnology. We invited a number of prominent individuals in this field to speak, including Tom Budzynski, Anna Wise, Stephen LaBerge, Len Ochs, Larry Paros, and Julian Isaacs. Topics covered included biofeedback, light and sound stimulation, subliminal and other psychological techniques, cranial electrical stimulation, lucid dreaming, and a broad range of related topics. ...