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  1. NeuroProgrammer and Mind Workstation - Export to Kasina

    NP3 and Mind Workstation support a seamless preview and export experience when used along with the Kasina.

    When your Kasina is plugged in you will notice new buttons added to their interfaces. Play on Kasina and Upload to Kasina. When you choose Play on Kasina the session will pipe directly to the Kasina by USB regardless of your Windows sound settings. You can then easily play through your computer speakers using the regular play button or through the Kasina with the dedicated button. ...

    Updated 02-20-2014 at 05:19 PM by neuroasis

  2. NeuroProgrammer with SpectraStrobe - Kasina Support

    Transparent Corp has just updated NeuroProgrammer 3 with support for SpectraStrobe creation and conversion. This is a long awaited update for many users and Adam from Transparent has done an excellent job seamlessly integrating the Kasina for playback and export. This further solidifies the MindPlace Kasina as the most well-supported and powerful mind machine ever released.

    This is a free update for Neuroprogrammer users or NP3 is available for $59.99 for the regular edition or $89.99 ...

    Updated 02-20-2014 at 05:15 PM by neuroasis

  3. Introducing the MindPlace Environmental Lighting System

    Imagine using your Procyon or Kasina to turn an entire wall, ceiling, chill room into an open-eyes full color mind machine... or having several people simultaneously share the brightest 'eyes-closed' experience imaginable. Well, now you can do that with our new MindPlace Environmental Lighting System (MELS). We have one set up in our office, and it's most impressive.

    It consists of a custom-designed, 72 watt power supply and a high powered RGB LED array, plus required connecting ...
  4. MindPlace SpectraStrobe group now live on SoundCloud


    We've created a new SoundCloud Group for SpectraStrobe-encoded material. This currently includes bonus Kasina tracks from Craig Tice and some user-contributed sessions by our artist-user, Thalassa1. We may be creating a separate channel for user-contributed Kasina sessions as well, so stay posted.... You can find the group here:

    Currently the Group is moderated, so if you have a SoundCloud ...
  5. Extreme AVS Machine Chain - Etz Chaim

    Before there was a MindPlace Kasina seekers of extreme AVS experiences or those who wished to combine multiple control sources together, might have to resort to a little creativity. The amazing thing about the Kasina is that it combines many of these functions into one machine ? compact simple and beautiful! But if you don?t mind creating a little cable salad and you have the full line of MindPlace machines available to you, then you will find vast new inner vistas await. The DIY blog posts of Craig ...

    Updated 01-19-2014 at 07:53 PM by neuroasis

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  6. AudioStrobe and ColorSets on the Kasina

    The Kasina is a top quality AudioStrobe decoder. Besides being very accurate it also has a number of tricks up its sleeve to provide more variety for AudioStrobe material. The Kasina includes a set of color mapping algorithms called ColorSets. Let's briefly review them.

    For the most accurate 'as programmed' AudioStrobe display, you will want to use ColorSet 8.R/G. Almost all AudioStrobe systems use Red and Green LEDs and the pan position controls which color is shown and its intensity. ...

    Updated 12-23-2013 at 02:29 PM by neuroasis

  7. Kasina Folder Names

    On the Kasina the names of the folders under the SpectraStrobe category correlate roughly with the recognized brainwave ranges.

    Accelerate - Beta and Gamma
    Meditate - Alpha
    Mind Art - Mixed complex sessions emphasizing visuals
    Night Voyage - Theta and Delta
    Rejuvenate - Alpha and SMR
    Trance - Theta and Alpha
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  8. Playlists on Kasina

    You can group files that you want to play together into a folder on the Kasina. You can then play them one after to other automatically to create a playlist.

    1. On your computer create a new folder on the Kasina.
    2. You might want to rename the files to sort alphabetically. You can do this by numbering. 1 MyFirstFile, 2 MySecondFile... etc.
    3. Add the files that you would like to play together to the folder you created.
    4. To play them as a playlist on the Kasina, browse inside

    Updated 12-19-2013 at 09:27 PM by neuroasis

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  9. Session Types on the MindPlace Kasina

    Session types on the Kasina:

    SpectraStrobe audio

    SpectraStrobe is an advanced embedded light control signal. It is similar to AudioStrobe but much more flexible because it can control all 3 of the LED lights and the dynamic range (least brightness to highest brightness) is not affected by the volume of the audio on the player.

    SpectraStrobe is put into audio: music, soundscapes, nature sounds, or more traditional entrainment type sessions. It controls the ...
  10. Kasina - Promo Pictures

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