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  1. Remembering Tom Budzynski

    When Tom passed away recently, I lost an old friend and mentor.

    Tom was a true pioneer in the fields of biofeedback and light and sound, as well as an inventor. Trained originally as an electrical engineer, he worked on such projects as the SR-71 spy plane, before returning to college for his PhD in psychology. His dissertation was about the use of electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback to control frontalis (forehead) muscles?useful for reducing tension and headaches. He opened ...

    Updated 05-04-2011 at 01:51 PM by Andy

    Human Interest
  2. Entrainment Ecosystems

    I live in a wooded area near a lake and with wide open spaces compared to most suburbanites.

    To give you an idea of my surroundings, last evening I went outside to sit in my favorite nighttime spot on the deck and as I was getting ready to slip down into my rickety wicker chair the security light clicked on and tucked behind the woven legs was a 3 foot garter snake nearly camouflaged in the darkened wood. No doubt he was looking for a place to dry off after all the storms we have been ...
  3. Free AudioStrobe Tracks for Your Enjoyment

    Hello all!
    It's time to break out of the laboratory and release some of the last few months work out into the wild!

    We have created a MindPlace SoundCloud account and will periodically be adding content for you. Currently, I have programmed 4 tracks using a new and advanced form of AudioStrobe encoding that I have been perfecting. We are calling this process SpectraSync. The end results provide light shows far beyond anything that has come before. The leds are being controlled ...
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    AVS , Light and Sound
  4. Brain Brightening Protocol for the Procyon (upgraded)

    Note: I originally designed these sessions for the Proteus (and TomC converted the originals to the Procyon in 2010). Now that I've finally upgraded to the Procyon myself, I thought I'd revisit them and upgrade the series to make better use of the Procyon's audio and visual capabilities.

    Brain Brightening Protocol for the Procyon

    Brain Brightening" was a protocol devised by Tom Budzynski PhD, where light and sound stimulation is delivered with rapidly changing ...

    Updated 01-12-2012 at 11:02 AM by Joseph Kao

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  5. Procyon Ganzframe output splitter... found!

    We've had trouble locating true 4 conductor splitter cables for the Procyon, most such cables take the 4 conductor plug and split into two 3 conductor jacks, as with microphone+headphone outputs from Apple products. But I found someone in Korea who makes these and sells them on eBay, so I ordered one... works like a charm, and is well made. He's charging $9.95 plus $2.50 shipping; mine arrived in about ten days. His user name is acc3658, and he calls it '3.5mm 4 conductor 4 pole 3 ring Male-Female ...
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  6. Kasina - Promo Pictures

  7. Session Types on the MindPlace Kasina

    Session types on the Kasina:

    SpectraStrobe audio

    SpectraStrobe is an advanced embedded light control signal. It is similar to AudioStrobe but much more flexible because it can control all 3 of the LED lights and the dynamic range (least brightness to highest brightness) is not affected by the volume of the audio on the player.

    SpectraStrobe is put into audio: music, soundscapes, nature sounds, or more traditional entrainment type sessions. It controls the ...
  8. Extreme AVS Machine Chain - Etz Chaim

    Before there was a MindPlace Kasina seekers of extreme AVS experiences or those who wished to combine multiple control sources together, might have to resort to a little creativity. The amazing thing about the Kasina is that it combines many of these functions into one machine ? compact simple and beautiful! But if you don?t mind creating a little cable salad and you have the full line of MindPlace machines available to you, then you will find vast new inner vistas await. The DIY blog posts of Craig ...

    Updated 01-19-2014 at 07:53 PM by neuroasis

    BioFeedback , AVS , Light and Sound , Technology
  9. Open eyes with kasina!!! Very easy trick!! Fantastic colors!!

    Quote Originally Posted by saswing View Post
    Do you want to really see the colors? Just take a sheet of white paper, cut two pieces out of it in the form of the goggles, and you can lock them in the corners (see picture)
    You can experiment by making the paper a little bold..

    It really works well. Try it. Its just 2 minutes work.

    Let me know if you like it..!!

    Quick and simple ...
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  10. Kasina Open Eye Cutout Templates and Fun Patterns

    A simple method to use the Kasina glasses with your eyes open is to cut out paper inserts and place them over the LEDs. The spread is not perfectly smooth and the overall effect doesn't compare to true eye open glasses (forthcoming from MindPlace). However, it is fun and easy to do.

    The first attachment provides a template that you can cut out. There is a notch on the left lens to allow it to slip under wiring cover. They fit the lens fairly tight. Four groups are on one sheet so you ...

    Updated 11-20-2014 at 11:26 AM by neuroasis

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